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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1394

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1394

The assassins dared not provoke Louis or put their guns down, afraid that Charlotte would harm him.

After all, if anything happened to Louis, their mission would not be considered accomplished.

“Louis, I don’t want to hurt you.” Seeing the man hurt, Charlotte did not have the heart to continue. “If you don’t want me to hate you, then let them go.”

“All right.” Louis ordered the assassins, “Let them go.”

Two assassins soon brought Lupine and the other two female bodyguards of the Lindberg family over.

However, instead of freeing them, the assassins threatened Charlotte with their lives. “Put your knife down, or else I’ll kill them all.”

“Ms. Lindberg, leave us and go!” Lupine shouted anxiously.

“You think I don’t know the truth about your employer?” Charlotte placed her knife against Louis’ neck as she roared, “Louis seems to be your employer on the surface, but in actuality, you work for Sir Robert. If something happens to Louis, do you think he will let you off?”

“You…” The assassins panicked at Charlotte’s accurate assessment.

“You all…” Louis was baffled. He thought he was their employer for the whole time since he engaged them to work for him. Unexpectedly, it turned out that his father had arranged everything without him knowing.

“Let them go,” Charlotte chillingly ordered again.

This time around, the assassins had no choice but to let the trio go. In their eyes, Louis’ life carried a heavier weight than Lupine and the other two bodyguards.

They could still recapture the trio after releasing them. However, if Louis was harmed, the repercussions they would face were unthinkable.

“Ms. Lindberg!”

Lupine and the two bodyguards dashed for Charlotte once they were free. Lupine even removed her suit jacket and covered Charlotte with it.

Detaining Louis, Charlotte moved toward the exit while Lupine and the bodyguards cautiously watched every movement the assassins made.

Outside the window, Ben and the others were still lying in wait for the opportunity to ambush.

“Let him go now.”

The assassins pointed their guns at Charlotte as they slowly and carefully followed her, fearing she would hurt Louis.

They were in a stalemate until they reached the courtyard, where two assassins rounded to the back to sneak up on Charlotte.

At that moment, Ben struck. He swiftly held down the two assassins then fought the others.

Lupine could not contain her joy when she saw him.

Seizing the opportunity, Charlotte pushed Louis away and planned to leave Lupine and the bodyguards. However, he held her arm tightly. “Charlotte, don’t go,” he pleaded.

“Let me go!” Charlotte struggled to extricate herself from his grip.

“No! Don’t leave me,” Louis sobbed while shaking his head. “I can do everything for you. I can even die for you.”

“I said let go!” Unperturbed, Charlotte pulled his hand away from her, hoping to release herself.


Yet, Louis still would not let go. Suddenly, an assassin opened fire on Charlotte.

“Ms. Lindberg!” Lupine rushed to place herself in front of Charlotte, shielding the latter from harm.

A loud bang exploded in everyone’s ears, and blood splattered.

Shell-shocked, Charlotte could only watch as Lupine fell to the ground limply with a gunshot wound in her chest.

“Lupine!” Charlotte urgently bent down and took Lupine into her arms. She shouted emotionally, “Lupine, hang on…”

Louis was stunned for a second before turning to yell at the assassin furiously, “Why did you do that! Didn’t I forbid you from shooting her?”

“She wanted to kill you,” the assassin retorted matter-of-factly.


“Go to blazes!”

Charlotte picked up the gun on the ground and fired a couple of shots at the assassin.

With that, the assassin dropped dead to the ground.

“Charlotte, listen to me—”

Louis wanted to explain, but Charlotte cut his explanation off by pointing the gun at him. “Louis, do you want me to die?” she screamed hysterically.

“No! Charlotte, I don’t!” Louis shook his head furiously. “I rather die than be separated from you.”

“Then why don’t you die?” She placed her finger on the trigger but could not bring herself to pull it. In the end, she smiled as tears flowed down her cheeks. “Never mind. I was the one who caused you to end up like this. I shall recompense you with my life.”

Charlotte then turned the gun toward herself.

“Charlotte, don’t!”

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