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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1389

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1389

“Don’t worry! I’ll do whatever it takes to keep him in line,” Spencer exclaimed. “As long as I’m around, he’ll have to stay home to recuperate.”

“Yes, yes, that’s the spirit! Keep him at home for plenty of bed rest. No matter what happens, he can’t be allowed to leave the house.”

“Okay, understood,” Spencer replied. “I’ll go over with some of my men now.”

“Great. I’ll only leave after you’ve arrived.”

At last, Ben could breathe a sigh of relief. With Spencer here, things will be a lot easier.

Meanwhile, Zachary was throwing a tantrum in his room. “Where the f*ck is Ben? Why hasn’t he set off yet? What’s with the delay?”

Ben signaled Raina to keep his whereabouts a secret as he remained in his room to pack his luggage.

Even if I get screamed at, I’ll still only leave after Spencer gets here.

True to his words, Spencer arrived shortly at Southridge with an entourage of twelve subordinates, all packed into four cars.

To Ben’s pleasant surprise, Spencer had even packed a few suitcases, further proving his determination to stay on for as long as needed.

As soon as he realized what was happening, Zachary exploded with rage. “I knew that idiot Ben would be up to no good! How dare he get Mr. Spencer to watch over me!”

“Ben did it only because he cares about you…” Raina mumbled.

“You were in on this too, weren’t you? Are the both of you ganging up to lie to me?”

Raina kept her head lowered as dread engulfed her, not daring to make another peep.

“Get out,” Zachary muttered.

Whenever Zachary was furious, he’d always lash mercilessly at Ben and Bruce, but thankfully, he was gentler toward women.

“But I have to stay here with you. What if you—”

“Get out!” Zachary bellowed, his patience running thin.

Not wanting to push her luck any further, Raina did as instructed. However, as a last-ditch effort, she ordered a few subordinates to stand guard in the room.

Zachary was speechless and on the verge of losing his temper again when he saw how frightened his subordinates were. In the end, he decided to swallow his frustration instead.

Being constantly monitored was horrid, but Zachary also knew that everyone only had his best interests at heart.

After all, he was now a high-risk individual, and nobody could afford to let anything untoward happen to him.

“Mr. Spencer, you sure are fast!” Ben exclaimed as he ran out, unable to hide the relief and joy he felt.

“Mr. Nacht has already thrown a few tantrums. If I stay here a second longer, he’ll probably shred me to pieces. Mr. Spencer, I leave the house in your good hands. I have to rush to the airport now.”

Spencer frowned and let out a deep sigh. “Now I understand why Mr. Henry used to make things difficult for that woman. She’s nothing but trouble!”

“Oh, no. Don’t say that,” Ben pleaded. “You’ve always protected Ms. Lindberg in the past, and you ought to continue doing so.”

“Can you blame me for being angry? After what happened to Mr. Zachary, why does she still make people worry for her?”

“She didn’t mean to…” Ben mumbled helplessly. “Fate played a cruel trick on her.”

“Fine, enough of that. You’d better leave now. Get her back as soon as possible so Mr. Zachary can stop worrying himself sick.”

“Will do.”

After that, Ben hurriedly left with a handful of Spencer’s subordinates so he could even out the number of people back home.

Knowing that Ben had left for the airport, Zachary finally took his long-awaited bath.

Meanwhile, Hanna ordered Henry’s room to be prepared for Spencer’s stay while she whipped up his favorite dishes.

As for Spencer, he knew it’d be useless to talk sense to a still fuming Zachary. Given the current situation, he’d be better off staying silent and keeping a watchful eye over Zachary.

Raina didn’t dare to stray far from Zachary either. As such, she arranged for the doctors at the hospital to contact Helen and have her treat Olivia.

That afternoon, Peter called Raina to express his gratitude.

“Don’t thank me,” Raina said. “You should be thanking Ms. Lindberg and Mr. Nacht instead. They were the ones who made this possible for Olivia.”

“Please pass on my thanks to them. I’ll drop by personally when I have the chance to.”

“All right. Take good care of Olivia.”

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