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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1379

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1379

That evening, a private jet landed in Phoenix City.

It was a rather small place, so even the airport felt a little deserted.

Charlotte led her people out of the plane and got into the car they prepared beforehand. All three of them got into the car and made their way to Mount Phoenix right away.

As they traveled, Lupine turned on her phone and noted that there were a few missed calls. She was about to call back when she suddenly noticed how several black cars were tailing them.

“Ms. Lindberg…”

“Yeah, I know,” replied Charlotte who was keeping her eyes on the rearview mirror. She calmly instructed, “Change of plans. We’re not going to Mount Phoenix anymore. Change route now.”

She didn’t want to drag Hayley and Sam into the mess.


The ladies’ car made a turn and tried to shake off their tail.

“Who the hell are they? It doesn’t look like they’re from Erihal,” commented Lupine curiously.

“Let’s figure that out after we’ve lost them.”

Charlotte had been monitoring her enemies via the rearview mirror. She wanted to apprehend them and figure out who they were as well, but she didn’t have many subordinates with her. On top of that, they didn’t have any weapons. Things will get ugly if we get into a fight, thought Charlotte.

They have five cars in total and about twenty men with them, so they are clearly out for blood.

However, they didn’t use their weapons on us and are trying to force our car into a corner. That means they want us alive…

As the fight got more intense on Charlotte’s side, Zachary remained unconscious in Southridge.

Bruce rushed over once he heard the news. When he saw how terrible Zachary looked, he punched the wall out of worry and declared, “We can’t keep waiting like this. I’ll go to Erihal and look for Francesco myself!”

“I was going to do exactly that,” replied Ben, “Francesco has to be in Erihal. I’ll work from here and locate him as quickly as possible. After that, I will share his location with you, and you can go straight to him once you land.”

“Alright,” agreed Bruce, “Work as quickly as possible, and stop hesitating! Don’t worry so much about the future. We have to save him, even if it means he will end up being chased out of the Nacht family.”

“I know,” shared Ben in a thick voice, “I was too cowardly to betray him earlier, but the way things are now… We can’t afford to worry about anything else.”

“Okay, then we’ll split up and work from different angles. I’ll rush to the airport now.”

“Take a few more men with you and keep in touch with me.”

The two of them exchanged some more words before Ben took a deep breath to pick himself back up. He entered Zachary’s room after that.

Raina pulled up the blanket for Zachary. She turned around and informed Ben, “I want to invite Dr. Wright over to treat Mr. Nacht. She might be able to help.”

“Okay, then get in touch with her soon.”

Ben was out of options. He would hold on to any shred of hope and possibility.

“I worry that she won’t come. She only agreed to drop by the last time because Mr. Nacht called her in person. She might not listen to me…”

Raina hadn’t even finished speaking before her phone rang. She checked the screen and blurted in surprise, “It’s Ms. Gold.”

“Why is she contacting you now?” complained Ben in an annoyed tone.

“She asked for my number this morning and told me to get in touch with her should Mr. Nacht’s condition worsen or if we need help,” answered Raina. After that, she picked up the call, “Ms. Gold…”

“Dr. Langhan, I tried to call Ben, but no one picked up so I’m calling you instead. I’ve hired Dr. Wright and asked her to come to treat Mr. Nacht. I also sent a private jet to go pick her up.

“Her plane should land shortly, and I am waiting to pick her up at the airport. Please ask Mr. Nacht if he’s free tonight. Perhaps Dr. Wright can drop by his place to treat him?”

“Yes, of course,” replied Raina in an ecstatic tone, “I was just about to ask her to drop by and was worried that she might not agree to fly over. Who would’ve thought that you’d already gotten her over? This is fantastic news to us.”

“I’m glad to hear that. To tell you the truth, I was actually worried that Mr. Nacht might not like how I’m taking the initiative to do things and might call me a busybody,” said Nancy, “I’ll head over with Dr. Wright later. Is that okay?”

“Of course that’s fine. When will the two of you be here? I’ll go pick you both up.”

Raina was extremely excited. Helen being there would, no doubt, increase the odds of Zachary surviving.

Even if Dr. Wright can’t cure Mr. Nacht completely, she can still stabilize his condition and prevent it from deteriorating.

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