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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1377

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1377

“I was just heartbroken,” said Nancy. She looked a little sad and stared at Zachary before adding, “You don’t actually need to see me as an outsider. It doesn’t matter what state you’re in. You’ll always be a hero to me.”

That was the first time Zachary had heard anyone professing their love for him that boldly. He couldn’t help being taken aback.

The truth was that he had always been on the top and had been strict with himself. He had also been a perfectionist when it came to love, so he didn’t have much romantic interactions with women.

He didn’t get close to Sharon and Cynthia of his own free will, and he had never felt anything for them.

Hence, in a way, Nancy was the only woman he had ever willingly got close to, aside from Charlotte.

Nancy was undeniably perfect. Her family background, her education, her aura, her serene temper, her beauty… Everything was flawless.

The most important bit, however, was that she was especially attentive to Zachary.

“Sorry, I may have been a little too direct,” apologized Nancy when she saw how Zachary hadn’t replied in a while. She understandably panicked a little and added, “I just wanted to say that you don’t need to pretend to be strong all the time. We’re all just human, and we all fall sick sometimes.”

Her voice was soft and trembling a little, but it was not because she was nervous. Her voice only sounded that way because she was heartbroken.

“Thank you,” replied Zachary when he finally spoke up. Unfortunately, all he could offer were those two words. He later asked, “So, why did you drop by?”

“I just wanted to visit. I’m glad to see that you’re okay,” answered Nancy. She was quick to get her emotions in check because she was worried that he would get sick of her.

“Oh, thank you,” thanked Zachary once more. He didn’t know what else to say after that.

“There’s one more thing,” shared Nancy. She seemed to have just recalled something and was quick to inform, “I heard that Sir Louis is missing, and Sir Robert is looking everywhere for him. You should be wary when you leave the house these days.”

“Louis is missing?” blurted Zachary. He was a little surprised and immediately ordered, “Ben, go look into the matter.”

“Understood,” replied Ben before he went to carry out his task.

“Rumor has it that something had happened in F Nation, and it hurt Sir Louis bad.

“He even tried to slit his own wrist, but he was rescued in time. Unfortunately, the wound in his heart couldn’t heal that easily.

“By the way, he seemed to have showed signs of being depressed. Lady Sherlyn had asked a few experts over to examine him and had kept that news hidden.

“After that, Sir Louis snuck over to H City. He did that to look for Ms. Lindberg, but he bumped into you instead. In a fit of agitation, he attacked, but he missed and hurt Ms. Lindberg.

“When he returned, Sir Robert reprimanded him. Sir Louis made sure that no one was around and ran away from home after that.”

Nancy gave Zachary a cliff’s note version of what had happened.

“Is that really necessary? So he got dumped. What’s the big deal?” said Zachary in an exasperated tone.

“I think it’s more than that. I heard that something vile happened within the Laurent family, and Ms. Lindberg got into a fight with them as a result. Didn’t she tell you about it?” asked Nancy in a meaningful tone.

“What happened?” asked Zachary.

“I don’t know the specifics,” answered Nancy while shaking her head, “Sir Louis is involved in it somehow, and it’s supposedly embarrassing. The Laurent family kept it well hidden and made sure that no one could get to the truth, though. Even I don’t know the whole story.”

Zachary didn’t reply. He simply frowned deeply.

If the matter involved Louis, then it surely involved Charlotte as well.

Zachary had long thought that things were strange because it seemed weird that Charlotte and the Laurent family became so hostile toward each other all of a sudden.

It was too extreme for the Laurent family to keep her locked up and send their men over to kill her, even if wanted to bully her after Danrique had fallen.

Moreover, why did Louis try to kill himself? And his depression… I’m guessing something happened behind the scenes.

Gah, it’s so frustrating that Charlotte refused to talk about this. What the hell happened between her and Louis?

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