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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1376

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1376

Hearing Ellie’s baby voice and seeing how she’s pretending to be an adult by talking that way made Zachary’s heart melt.

He wanted to say something, but the second his lips parted, a sting in his heart constricted his throat. In the end, he couldn’t get himself to say even a word. All he could do was to hug Ellie tightly.

He felt his heart aching like never before.

If he could, he wished that he would live happily and healthily as well. He wanted to watch them grow up, but… I don’t think I can last that long…

“You’re being stupid, Ellie. Daddy will be fine,” scolded Robbie. He took a deep breath, and in a voice thick with tears, he insisted, “Daddy will recover. He definitely will.”

Robbie had faith that he and his mother would find Francesco to heal his father.

“Yeah, Daddy is just suffering from a minor injury. He will recover soon, so don’t cry, Ellie,” cooed Jamie. His way of thinking was simpler.

“He’s right. I’ll be up soon to play with everyone.”

Zachary picked himself up and put on a smile to coo his kids. “Be good. I have to work, so you three go play among yourselves for now.”

“Okay,” replied the kids. They nodded obediently before leaving reluctantly.

Zachary’s heart felt heavy once more as he watched the kids exiting. He had gone through dozens of wars and had never feared death. Yet, at that moment, he was suddenly terrified.

He worried that his kids would not have a father once he was gone.

What if I die and no one is there to teach Robbie or to train Jamie or to coo Ellie?

And what if no one is around to protect Charlotte?

He truly, and honestly didn’t want to die!

Ben saw everything when he was standing by the door. His eyes reddened with tears.

We can’t put this off anymore. Once Charlotte returns, I will tell her the truth and ask her to get in touch with Francesco. We have to heal him as quickly as possible…

He was about to call Lupine when a subordinate came to report, “Ben, Ms. Gold is here.”

“Ugh, why is she here again?” complained Ben who seemed troubled by it.

“What do we do? Her car is parked right outside,” informed the subordinate.

“Let me go ask Mr. Nacht,” said Ben. He then went into Zachary’s room to report, “Ms. Gold is here, Mr. Nacht.”

“Okay, let her in,” replied Zachary. He was reading his texts at the time and saw that Nancy had sent multiple texts over. She said that she wanted to visit him, so he wasn’t surprised to hear that she was there.

“Should I get her to the garden or…?” asked Ben carefully.

“Have her meet me in the study room,” instructed Zachary as he forced himself out of bed.

“Understood,” replied Ben. He had his men take care of that while he himself helped Zachary change his clothes.

It didn’t take long before Nancy entered the villa. She had two subordinates with her and brought a lot of supplements with her. Everything looked expensive.

Ben went down the stairs to welcome her. They exchanged some pleasantries before he took her to the study room.

The last time Nancy was there, Zachary had her wait for him in the dining room inside the garden. Hence, she was pleasantly surprised to see that she was being invited into the house. She felt like she and Zachary were getting closer.

“This way, please.”

Ben opened the door to the study room and led Nancy inside.

Nancy’s subordinates waited outside.

“Mr. Nacht…”

Nancy was understandably surprised to see Zachary sitting behind his desk like that. She thought that he was so sick that he could only lie on his bed and couldn’t move a muscle. It looks like he is doing pretty well…

“Last night didn’t count as me missing our appointment, did it?” asked Zachary with a smile.

“Not at all,” answered Nancy. She grinned awkwardly before teasing, “I’m not here to demand an explanation for that, you know?”

“I’m glad to hear that,” replied Zachary before he gestured for her to take a seat.

Nancy handed the gifts over to Ben and sat down opposite to Zachary. She was mocking herself a little when she smiled and pointed out, “It feels like we’re talking business.”

“Well, I truly am bad at this,” said Zachary before he grinned as well.

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