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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1366

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1366

Zachary did not sound like he was making a request. It sounded more like an order.

Usually, Charlotte would put up a fight and disagree with him, but this time, she just nodded and caved. “Yes. I will take care of you.”


Zachary pulled her into his embrace and dozed off peacefully.

I should’ve known this is the easiest way to bring her back to me…

Charlotte snuggled in his arms without moving, listening to his heartbeat. His heartbeat sounds normal. I think he’s healthy. I’m probably thinking too much.

She could finally shake the worry off.

Over at the door, Ben stopped Lupine just before she knocked on the door.

“What are you doing? I’m sending Ms. Lindberg breakfast.”

“I don’t think she wants any breakfast now,” Ben replied, moving aside and tilting his head, signaling at Lupine to look at the couple herself.

Lupine cocked her head and stood frozen.

Zachary and Charlotte were resting together in the bed, just like how couples in love usually did.

It seemed like they really did not need to eat anything.

“Just leave them be.”

Ben pulled Lupine away and gestured at the subordinates to stay outside.

“I should be happy for them, but I don’t know why I feel so unsettled,” Lupine said.

“Why?” Ben was curious. “I’ve been hoping for this day all this while. Didn’t you say you wanted them to get back together as well?”

“Yes…” Lupine wanted to say more but did not. “It’s nothing. I just want Ms. Lindberg to be happy.”

Then, she left.

Ben looked at her as she walked off, unable to understand what was in that head of hers. She clearly said she wished they got back together. Why did she change her mind?

What is she thinking exactly?

Lupine went over to the staircase and sat down, eating the breakfast she bought for Charlotte alone. Her heart became heavier as she ate away.

Back then, she was so frustrated looking at Charlotte hiding her true feelings about Zachary, but now that they patched things up, Lupine was worried about Charlotte.

What if he dies? What will become of her?

Charlotte would probably get over it faster if they did not reconcile. She would go through his death easier if she were not as invested in the relationship.

Now that she has opened up to him, it will be insufferable for her if anything happens to him. This kind of pain is unbearable for her.

Lupine sighed at the thought.

Meanwhile, Ben was secretly happy that Zachary and Charlotte had finally mended fences. He saw this accident as a blessing in disguise for the two.

He quickly called Bruce and shared the good news with him. He also told Bruce that Sean probably knew where to find Francesco.

“I’m glad to know they’re back together,” Bruce said tritely, “As for Sean, of course, I’m aware that he might know where Francesco is. I’ve thought of contacting him, but he’s disappeared together with Danrique. There’s no getting hold of him at all.”

“For real?” Ben was shocked. “I thought Lupine has always been in touch with Sean?”

“Really? Then there might be something we don’t know,” Bruce conjectured, “From what I know, Sean has gone missing together with Danrique, but it’s possible that it’s all a show to hide something from everyone else.”

“Are you implying that Sean did not go missing at all and that he’s still contacting Ms. Lindberg?” Ben made a bold guess. “Does this mean Danrique is not actually dead? Is all this just a trick to beguile everyone?”

“Probably, but I still can’t trace them. We might need to get some information out from Ms. Lindberg. You need to think of a way to do that.”

“Alright. I know what to do. Mr. Spencer’s here, I need to hang up.”

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