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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1360

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1360

Tell Me The Truth

After a long while, Charlotte was still looking at Zachary in a daze, not knowing what to do.

Meanwhile, Ben had taken off his shirt and pressed it on Zachary’s wound as a makeshift bandage to stop the bleeding.

However, the man gradually lost consciousness from the excessive loss of blood.

“Zachary…” Charlotte caught Zachary as he fell sideways. In a state of panic, she burst into tears. “Stay with me, Zachary!”

“The hospital is right ahead; we’re reaching soon!” Ben yelled anxiously. “Mr. Nacht, please hold on!”

Just then, the car came to an abrupt halt. A team of medical staff, led by Raina, rushed over. They opened the car door hastily and lifted Zachary onto a stretcher.

Ben, Charlotte, Lupine, and the rest followed the medical team until Zachary was brought into the emergency room.

While they were waiting outside, Lupine tried to comfort Charlotte. “Mr. Nacht will be fine, so don’t worry.”

The latter did not respond, merely standing at the doorway with her eyes fixed on the emergency room. Her hands were trembling, and her face remained pale.

She dared not imagine a life without Zachary.

What would I do without him? What will happen to the kids…

As she thought about it, fear and remorse washed over her.

Ring, ring.

Just then, Charlotte’s phone suddenly rang. Lost in her thoughts, she did not hear it at all until Lupine nudged her. “Ms. Lindberg, your phone.”

Charlotte whipped out her phone with her bloodied hands and saw it was Jamie. Immediately, she walked toward the side and picked it up. “Hello?”

“Mommy, when are you coming back?” Jamie asked.

Over the line, Charlotte could also hear the sounds of the other kids playing.

“Aunt Charlotte, come back soon! We’re waiting for you to read us a bedtime story!” Alpha shouted in her adorable voice.

“No, we want Angry Uncle to read us a bedtime story instead!” Beta corrected her sister seriously while sniffing.

“You can’t call him Angry Uncle. He’s Uncle Zachary!” Gamma corrected her siblings in a stern manner.

“That’s right! You are all such smart kids,” Ellie praised her cousins before speaking into the phone. “Mommy, we’re sleeping with you tonight. We’ve already gotten permission from Daddy.”

“Mommy, is Daddy coming over today?” Jamie asked. “We miss him.”

“He has to continue reading us the bedtime story from yesterday,” Ellie added on in her sweet voice.

“Mommy, why are you so quiet?” Jamie asked anxiously.

“All right, that’s enough. You guys are too noisy.” Robbie walked over and chided his siblings. “Go over there and play. Pass me the phone.”

“Robbie, you’re so fierce! You’re becoming more and more like Daddy!” Jamie said, feeling indignant. “Here’s the phone!” Reluctantly, he handed the phone over to his brother.

After accepting the phone, Robbie walked to a quieter place and asked, “Mommy, are you all right? Where are you now?”

“I’m still outside.” Charlotte tried her best to compose herself so that she would sound like her usual self. “Robbie, I won’t be able to go home tonight. I have some things to settle. Daddy won’t be going over as well. All of you should rest soon. Be good, yeah?”

“Did something happen?”

Even though she hid her emotions well, Robbie could still feel something was amiss with her. “Did something happen to Daddy?” the boy asked anxiously.

“It’s not that. Robbie, don’t overthink—” While Charlotte was still speaking, the voice of a nurse sounded. “We need more bags of blood, hurry!”

Hearing that, Robbie could no longer hold back his emotions and questioned agitatedly, “Mommy, what exactly happened to Daddy? Stop hiding it from me! Tell me the truth, quick!”

“Robbie, calm down. Daddy is injured. We’re at the hospital now,” Charlotte quickly replied. “It’s just a minor wound, nothing serious. He’ll be fine tomorrow.”

“I don’t believe you…” Robbie started crying. “Is Daddy sick? I’ve long noticed that something’s wrong with him. Which hospital are you at? I want to come over…”

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