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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1357

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1357

After hearing Charlotte’s account, Michael was shocked. “So, it turned out that your mom is Mr. Lindberg’s aunt? I once heard from my father that she used to be a legend in the business sphere.”

“Oh? Mr. Brown knows about my mom?” She was surprised to hear that. “No one told me that my mom was a businesswoman. I thought she wasn’t involved in the family business at all.”

“That’s not possible,” he replied with a look of admiration on his face. “Everyone in the Lindberg family is a business whiz.”

“Danrique hasn’t mentioned it before.” Charlotte’s heart sank at the thought of her cousin.

“Am I right to assume that the legendary Mr. Lindberg is your cousin?” Michael asked. “I’ve heard stories about him. The word is that he has a god-like presence, so I’m sure he’ll return safe and sound.”

“Mm.” Charlotte nodded before changing the topic. “Michael, how have you been for the past two years? Is your company doing well?”

“I’m all right. My business is doing well too,” he replied, smiling. “You know that I have zero interest in business, and I lack confidence in it. However, I had no choice but to try as I couldn’t bear to let the business, which my dad had painstakingly built up, tumble.”

“You’re too humble. Results have already proven that you’re a genius in business,” she joked. “Seems like you’ve inherited the talent of a businessman from your dad.”

Michael laughed heartily. “I’ve been hearing that a lot, but I’ve only taken it as flattery. But coming from you, it makes me really happy.”

“I’m just glad that you’re happy,” Charlotte replied sincerely. “I’m also happy to see that you’re doing so well.”

“Do you have any plans?” he asked, fixing his gentle gaze on the woman. “Are you planning to continue being involved in the corporate world? Or are you intending to lead a peaceful and quiet life?”

“I want to find Danrique first,” Charlotte said with a hint of sorrow in her voice. “I have a feeling he’s still alive…”

“He’s such a capable man, so I’m sure he’s still alive,” Michael comforted her. “I’ll try asking around to see if I can find out anything too,” he then offered.

“Thanks,” Charlotte replied with a faint smile. “How long are you intending to stay here this time round?”

“I had originally planned to leave tomorrow night,” Michael replied. Deciding to be frank with her, he confessed, “Helena has been released from prison, and I’m here to bring her home.”

“I see.” Charlotte did not ask any further, choosing to stay away from any matters related to Helena. Even though that woman never harmed her, she insisted on distancing herself from such a vile person.

“I know you don’t like her. In fact, even I resented her back then for committing such an unforgivable act. However, I can’t just ignore her as she’s still my cousin, after all.”

With a sigh, he continued, “Since my dad is more than a decade older than Uncle Steven, he’s like a father figure to him and took great care of him since young. My uncle had originally led an average life, but with my dad’s help, he managed to gain both status and wealth eventually. After Helena took over the family business, the company expanded due to her good business acumen and strong capabilities. I really did not expect her to lose her mind over love.”

Michael paused and heaved another sigh.

“However, regardless of what had happened, she has already received the punishment she deserved. My dad has asked me to bring her back to M Nation. With us watching over her, I don’t think such an incident will ever happen again.”

“I hope so,” Charlotte simply replied.

The man cleared his throat awkwardly and diverted her attention with a question. “Are you still in touch with Hector?”

“Nope.” She shook her head. “I have stopped contacting the people from my past after assuming my new identity. I don’t think he even knows that I’m back.”

“That’s quite likely.” Michael nodded. “Given his current circumstances, he probably won’t have access to any information in the higher social class within the corporate world. If that’s the case, he probably wouldn’t know anything about you too.”

“Let’s not talk about the past anymore. It’s all water under the bridge. Likewise, there’s no need for me to meet people from my past again,” Charlotte said with a sigh. “It’s better for us to go on our own paths.”

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