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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1344

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1344

Johann took out a pen and crossed out the clause related to his receipt of the shares. “Please remove this clause, or I won’t accept your terms,” he declared earnestly.

“Safeguarding Divine Corporation is no easy feat,” Zachary responded seriously. “The company’s operating steadily with me around now, so it’d be easy for you to take my place. But this will only come into effect when I’m gone, and that’s also when Nacht Group will be thrown into unrest. You’ll face great challenges ahead, and your life might even be in danger. That’s why giving you ten percent of the shares really isn’t that big of a deal.”

“But does giving me these shares mean I won’t have to deal with all the challenges coming my way?” Johann asked in return. “Whatever happens will eventually happen, and no amount of shares you give me is going to change that. My two daughters have gotten married and are currently living abroad. They’re doing well and don’t need my money anymore, so I wouldn’t know what to do with the shares anyway. In fact, more people might have their eyes on me because of these shares, which would only put my life in greater danger. Let an old man like me live for a few years longer, will you?”

Zachary wavered slightly upon hearing that. He could not really find a way to insist, given the way Johann was rejecting the shares.

Divine Corporation had powered through trials and tribulations of all sorts for the past years. While some people had grown to be part of the company, others had left—all except for Johann. Even though the two men were constantly getting into squabbles with each other, Johann was always around when it came to the crunch.

“Thank you.”

That was the only way Zachary could express his gratitude.

“No, I should thank you for contributing so much to modern technology,” Johann remarked. “Ordinary people like me have no way of popularizing tech products through commerce, but you used your own abilities and market power to allow an old man like me to do my part.”

“It’s all thanks to our combined effort.” Zachary smiled. “If you don’t want the shares, tell me what you want. I’ll do whatever I can to fulfill your request.”

“There’s nothing I want at the moment, but I won’t hold back when I’ve thought of something.” Johann stood up. “Well, if that’s all, I’ll be leaving now. We have a new product to test, and I have to be there.”

“Go ahead.” Zachary nodded and turned to Ben. “See Mr. Sterk off.”

“Yes, Sir. This way, Mr. Sterk.”

As Johann got up and walked toward the door, he suddenly remembered something and turned to Zachary. “By the way, Mr. Nacht, I’d like to meet Robbie in private if that’s okay with you. I think he’s very gifted, and I’d love to discuss some tech-related matters with him.”

“Actually, he’s home right now. I’ll leave it to you, Ben.”

Zachary was more than happy to let Johann meet Robbie. After all, having him guide the boy personally was nothing but good news.

“Yes, Sir.” Ben immediately led Johann to Robbie.

Meanwhile, the lawyer, Rodney Williams, showed Zachary an updated electronic version of the will. “Have a look at it, Mr. Nacht. Is there anything else that requires amending?”

Zachary glanced at the screen. “Leave it as it is for now. Also, I want you to draw up a supplementary agreement that no one else apart from you and me should know about.”


“This will be the contents of the agreement: In the event of my death, all of my properties shall be divided equally between Charlotte Lindberg and my three children.”

Rodney jotted down everything Zachary had described.

Meanwhile, Robbie was in the midst of working on his latest invention when Johann showed up. The boy immediately stood up to greet the man, and the two began to converse.

With Hanna watching over the child, Ben headed downstairs to return to Zachary.

Suddenly, a subordinate came rushing up to him. “Ben, someone named Ms. Gold is here, and she’s requesting to meet Mr. Nacht.”

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