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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1340

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1340

Spencer had been recuperating at Garden Villa ever since Henry’s passing and would seldom leave the place unless Zachary summoned him.

When Zachary underwent treatment for those two months, he occasionally took charge.

Although he had no idea what happened to Zachary, he figured the latter had run into some problems.

Since Zachary’s return, he had been waiting for the young man to contact him.

After receiving Ben’s phone call the night before, Spencer could not sleep a wink, for he could tell that something big was about to happen. That was why he rushed over first thing the next morning.

Coincidentally, he bumped into the three children who had just come back from Northridge and chatted with them for a while. The sight of them zooming upstairs to look for their father made him smile.

Mr. Henry used to love the kids most when he was still around. It was like he saw a glimpse of hope in his life along with the Nacht family’s future whenever he met them.

Soon after, he quickly comforted himself. No, stop thinking such thoughts. Mr. Zachary’s just fine, and so are the Nachts. Everything’s perfectly fine.

“Mr. Spencer,” greeted Zachary as he walked downstairs in a set of comfortable loungewear.

“Mr. Zachary,” Spencer responded, rising to his feet. However, when he noticed how thin the man had become, he furrowed his brows. “It’s only been about two months since we last met; what happened to you?”

“My diet plan was a success,” Zachary joked.

Spencer could not bring himself to laugh, raising the corner of his lips ever so slightly. “I just met the children. They’ve grown up so much. Such adorable little ones.”

“Indeed. They grow up so fast.”

As soon as Zachary took his seat, Hanna summoned the housemaids to serve breakfast.

Spencer stared at him intently. “I met Johann a few days ago. He told me you’d been back at work for the past two weeks. How are you? Are you feeling well?”

“I should be asking you that instead.” Zachary smiled faintly. “You’re not young anymore, so you should take extra care of your health.”

“I’m doing pretty swell since I’ve been recuperating for a long time. My leg’s gotten much better now.” Spencer chuckled. “You, on the other hand, have lost quite a lot of weight.”

Zachary did not respond and drank his coffee in silence.

Just then, Hanna and the maids returned with breakfast. “Let’s eat, Mr. Spencer. We’ll have a talk in the study later,” he proposed.

“All right.” Spencer’s expression turned grim, and he had lost all his appetite.

The two shared a simple breakfast before heading to the study. By then, Hanna had already prepared them some tea and fruits. At the sight of their arrival, she excused herself and left.

Ben wheeled Spencer into the room and stood next to him.

A stack of papers was placed on the coffee table. Passing them to Spencer, Zachary said, “Have a look at these.”

“What are these?” Spencer took the documents. Then, his eyes widened in shock as he glanced at them. “What is the meaning of this, Mr. Zachary?”

“I’ve spoken to your doctor. You’re in great health, and you’ll live to see another decade as long as nothing major happens to you.”

Zachary took a sip of his coffee before continuing, “That’s why I’ve gotten Mr. Williams to draw up a will for me. In the event that something happens to me, you will have the guardianship of my three children. I want you to look after them well.”

“Mr. Zachary…” Spencer panicked, his hands beginning to tremble. “What on earth is happening? Don’t scare me like this.”

“Nothing,” Zachary answered with a faint smile, feigning nonchalance. “This is just a backup plan.”

“A backup plan? What for?” Spencer demanded agitatedly. “You’re still so young, and Nacht Group’s fate rests on your shoulders! You can’t go yet…”

While speaking, the older man’s breathing grew erratic, and Ben quickly served him his medication.

“What the hell is going on here?” Not daring to lose his temper at Zachary, Spencer proceeded to slap Ben on the back of his head. “You’d better explain everything to me loud and clear.”

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