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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1335

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1335

“What are you busy with?” Lupine complained. “Lindberg Corporation isn’t fighting against you nowadays; Nacht Group is monopolizing the corporate world. What could you possibly be busy with?”

“It’s true that everything’s going fine in the company, but…”

At that point, Ben realized what Lupine was doing. If not for his wary nature, he would have let the secret slip without noticing.

“But what?”

“I’m Mr. Nacht’s right-hand man. I have to do everything myself. Naturally, I won’t have a lot of free time,” Ben said with a smile. “Nevertheless, I can still come out here once in a while.”

“Oh, all right.” Lupine realized that her plan had failed, so she decided to change her strategies. “There’s something in your hair.”

“What?” Before Ben could react, Lupine had reached out toward the top of his head, causing him to stiffen up.

Her fingers gently combed his hair, seemingly casual but affectionately. His heart began thumping loudly.

“It’s a leaf!” Lupine took out a dried leaf from his head and chuckled. “Were you at a forest? How did the leaf get into your hair?”

“Oh. Maybe it was from earlier, when I was under the tree.”

Ben was so nervous to the point his face was as red as a tomato, and he was almost hyperventilating.

“By the way, did you skip dinner tonight?” Lupine took out a small bag of something from her pocket. “I made these green pea tartlets myself. Have a try.”

You made these?” Ben took them and placed one in his mouth. Its sweetness reached all the way into his heart. “This is delicious!”

“I’m glad you like them. I’ll get you more tomorrow.” Lupine giggled. “Robbie, Jamie, Ellie, and the three other little ones like them too. The three little ones, especially. They’re always pestering me to make more for them.”

“Haha! The kids are adorable.” Ben beamed.

“You like them too, right?” Lupine asked in a merry tone. “Ms. Lindberg was worried that Mr. Nacht wouldn’t like the three little ones, but it seems like they’re getting along with each other. I’m sure Ms. Lindberg will be relieved.”

“Indeed. Mr. Nacht looks cold, but he’s a kind man inside.” Pride swelled in Ben’s heart when he talked about Zachary. “The kids adore him.”

“Yes. After Mr. Nacht left, I went to tuck the three little ones into bed. They even told me that they hoped Mr. Nacht would be able to tell them more stories tomorrow.”

Then, with a smile, Lupine asked, “Will Mr. Nacht come tomorrow?”

“I don’t think so,” Ben replied before his mind truly registered the question.

“What’s the matter?” They had finally reached the main topic Lupine wanted to know more about. “I noticed something off with him when you were leaving earlier. Is he sick?”

“No, no, he’s fine,” Ben explained. “Maybe his legs went numb when he was reading the kids bedtime stories. Moreover, it seems like he was scalded when he was chatting with Ms. Lindberg in the bedroom.”

“Is that all?” Lupine wondered out loud. “It looks to me that he’s feeling some discomfort in his eyes.”

“Maybe something got into his eyes when he came down the stairs earlier,” Ben said dismissively.

“All right.” There was nothing Lupine could do when Ben refused to give her any answers.

“It’s getting late. Let me send you back.”

The longer they chatted, the likelier he might blurt something he should not, so it was best for him to end the date as quickly as possible.

“You’re going back?” Lupine asked, disappointment evident in her voice.

“Bruce went out to work on something, and I’m not home, so I’m a little worried.” Ben did not have the courage to stay out for long with Zachary’s current condition. “Everyone else is careless, so I have to stay home by Zachary’s side.”

“Okay.” Lupine then stepped out of the car. “I’ll walk myself back. It’s just a short path home. You should hurry home too.”

“I’ll leave when I see you reach the door.”

Ben then turned on the car lights to illuminate her path.

His gesture warmed her heart, and she waved at him before jogging up the path.

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