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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1331

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1331

After the inhumane treatment period and various other events, Zachary no longer cared much about life, death, and sickness.

He was no longer as despondent as he used to be, and he was no longer anxious. Instead, he calmly let nature run its course.

Zachary, who was on the couch, calmly instructed, “Find an instructor who can guide me through the blindness. From tomorrow onward, I’ll have to train myself to move around without relying on my sight. That way, I’ll have the freedom of movement even if I really go blind in the future.”

“Mr. Nacht.” Ben’s eyes were red from hearing his words, but he dared not say anything else. “I understand. I’ll work on it tomorrow.”

“About the appointment with Mr. Williams and Mr. Spencer, do separate their appointments. I want to meet them one by one,” Zachary continued, sounding like he was talking about his last words.

“I understand.” Ben nodded.

“There’s something else.” Zachary mulled over it for a while before saying, “Check on Danrique’s status.”

“Huh?” Ben was surprised.

Zachary and Danrique were archenemies. When news of Danrique’s incident spread, there were rumors in the corporate world that Zachary was involved in what happened to Danrique.

Zachary did not care about it, nor did he intervene in it. Nevertheless, he knew that Danrique’s trusted subordinates were investigating him in the shadows, hoping to find out if he was involved in Danrique’s incident.

Zachary had not been involved. Furthermore, he had been undergoing treatment in solitary, so he never appeared in public. Therefore, no one could find any evidence of his involvement.

However, for him to abruptly look into Danrique’s whereabouts might cause an uproar in the corporate world.

“Do everything to find out about Danrique’s current status,” Zachary ordered.

“Understood, but I have to ask… Why?”

Ben dared not disobey him, but he could not wrap his mind around why Zachary would do that.

“Have you seen how many people have added insult to injury after Lindberg Corporation went downhill?”

Leaning back on the sofa, Zachary lit a cigarette and inhaled it.

“Before anything happened to Danrique, he removed Charlotte’s ties to Lindberg Corporation before making arrangement for her and the children. As far as I know, he has been a good and loyal brother to Charlotte. If he’s back unharmed, then Charlotte and the kids will have someone to back them up. After all, many vultures would be eyeing the assets that they’re holding.”

“Mr. Nacht, what is the meaning of this?” Ben panicked. “You’re still fine. Nacht Group is still all right!”

“If I die, Nacht Group will spiral into chaos,” Zachary quietly said, a hint of sorrow in his tone.

Instantly, Ben’s eyes welled up with tears. His lips trembled, and the words died in his throat.

“What happened to Lindberg Corporation yesterday will happen to Nacht Group in the future,” Zachary added before taking in a deep breath of his cigarette and slowly huffing it out.

“If Grandpa was alive, perhaps it would have lasted a few more years. However, he is not. If I die, Nacht Group will be orphaned. Most importantly, Charlotte has not come back yet. Her current identity would not be appropriate for taking over Nacht Group.”

“Why don’t we…” Ben trailed off, losing all courage to say it out loud.

“All right. You can go back to your work.” Zachary wanted some time alone.

“Yes, Sir.” Ben hung his head and left.

“How’s Mr. Nacht?” Bruce asked in a quiet voice that could not conceal his anxiety. “I came back right after receiving the message. How is he now?”

Ben then pulled him to the side and conveyed Zachary’s order to him.

“Is that how serious Mr. Nacht’s condition is now?” Bruce was alarmed to hear that. “He’s planning for his posthumous matters?”

“Pah!” Ben spat. “B*stard, can’t you say anything nicer with that mouth of yours?”

“Wait, but what you’ve said are…” Bruce dared not repeat himself, but he could not calm himself down. “No. Even if I turn this world upside down, I have to find where Francesco is.”

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