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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1326

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1326

Once they were in the room, Zachary headed straight to the sofa. Everything seemed fine.

However, he had been averting his eyes from Charlotte.

On the other hand, Charlotte was staring at him. At the start, she was stealing glances at him, but now, she was straight-up staring at him. It was because she realized that he was unresponsive even when she had her gaze on him.

The anxiety in her head thrummed, and she creased her forehead as she observed him.

Is there something wrong with his eyes?

Knock knock! Right then, knocking sounds came from the door.

“Come in,” Charlotte said.

Emma came in with a dining cart. After putting the snacks on the coffee table, she bowed at the two of them and stepped out of the room.

Charlotte poured a cup of tea and handed it to Zachary. “Have some tea.”

“Put it on the table first. It’s hot.” Zachary raised his arm to pinched the bridge of his nose, looking exhausted.

Hence, Charlotte put the cup down in front of him. However, to test him, she intentionally put it at the edge of the table where half the cup was in midair. With any gentle push, the cup would fall.

Indeed, when Zachary reached out for the cup, he knocked it over.

The cup of hot tea splashed all over his pants, and that included his crotch area.

“Sh*t!” Zachary roared. “You wicked woman!”

“You were the careless one, but you’re blaming me for this?” Charlotte quickly took out a few tissues to hand them to him. Glancing at his crotch, she anxiously asked, “Are you okay? Do you need to go to a hospital?”

“You did this on purpose!”

Zachary grabbed her hand and tugged her toward him.

“Ah!” Charlotte cried out, having not expected the sudden action from him as she fell into his arms. Before she could come back to her senses, he had smashed his lips against hers.

His kiss was intense and wild. It was as if he was taking revenge on her, or perhaps he was punishing her.

He ravished every part of her mouth that was beyond her teeth. He stole every breath she took and made her heave for more.

Charlotte’s mind went blank from his unexpected kiss.

All of a sudden, it felt like they had gone back to the time when they were deeply in love. Back then, all they had for the other was devotion and adoration. Back then, no matter what they did, it felt as if the love was not enough.

Every time they were close to each other, they yearned to become one so that they would never separate.

That familiar feeling was back.

Charlotte was honest at that moment. She did not want to push him away nor did she want to reject him. Selfishly, greedily, she wanted to drown herself in that moment of warmth.

Her acceptance made the affection in Zachary for her bloom. He embraced her tighter as he continued to kiss her harder.

He was afraid that Charlotte would find out he could not see things clearly anymore. That there was something wrong with his eyes. That he was sick. That he was doomed to die soon.

He knew that she was suspicious and that she was testing him. His keen instincts could let him temporarily dismiss her suspicions, and that was why he was using this way to distract her.

Yet, this kiss was the key to unlocking the feelings that they both buried deep in the recesses of their hearts.

After what seemed like ages, Zachary reluctantly let go of Charlotte before pressing his forehead against hers. As he kissed her lips longingly, he whispered, “I still have a place in your heart.”

Charlotte did not speak. Her eyes were closed as she quietly immerse herself in the feelings that had collected dust in her heart.

Something else was growing in there; something sour with a bitter, sorrowful tang.

“You still love me, don’t you?” Zachary questioned, biting down her lower lip. “You’ve always loved me.”


Just as she was about to answer him, her phone rang. She jumped in fright before snapping her head in the direction of her phone. It was then she saw her vibrating phone on the coffee table, its screen lit up with a name on it—Louis.

Zachary’s heart sank. In the next second, he pushed her away.

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