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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1319

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1319

“Hey, what was that?” Louis asked in a low voice. “Why is Zachary with Nancy Gold? Are they…”

He trailed off, realizing Charlotte was acting strangely.

Though she seemed at ease before Zachary and Nancy earlier, right now, disappointment was evident on her face.

She hung her head low, cutting her steak into pieces. Her steak was about to become minced beef, but she hadn’t eaten any of it.

Louis’ brows creased into a frown. He cared about Charlotte, so naturally, he noticed every slightest change in her expression. It was clear as day whom she loved.

She couldn’t deceive him.

Still, Louis was delighted to see another woman by Zachary’s side, for that meant he had a chance to get Charlotte back.

“Charlotte, you can have mine.” He offered his plate of steak, which he had cut into tiny bites.

Taking her plate, which practically looked like minced beef, he said, “You have a weak stomach, so don’t skip meals. Have some soup first.”

“Thank you,” Charlotte answered distractedly.

Beside them, Zachary was almost choking on his rage when he overheard their conversation.

“Sir Louis is so sweet,” Nancy whispered.

Zachary pretended not to hear her as he sipped on his wine.

“Don’t drink too much,” Nancy reminded him gently. “Let’s have some tea. I’ll brew some for you. I’ve brought some great tea along.”

With that, she summoned the restaurant manager to prepare the equipment.

Zachary didn’t reject her offer and gazed at her as though he were admiring a piece of painting.

Anger rose in Charlotte like a tide when she noticed his soft gaze.

“Ah!” Suddenly, Nancy accidentally spilled some tea on her hand.

“What’s wrong?” Zachary took her hand. “Let me take a look.”

Unable to hold in her anger anymore, Charlotte threw her utensils down, rose to her feet, and marched away.

“Charlotte, where are you going?” Louis called out anxiously.

“The restroom.” Charlotte was heading for the restroom. Though she wished to leave at once, that would only make her look really petty.

I insisted on breaking up with Zachary and asked him to stay away from me. Now that he’s with another woman, I should be happy for him. I can’t let anyone realize I’m dismayed about that.

After stepping out of the restroom, Charlotte saw Nancy washing her burned hand under the running tap water.

Nancy saw her and gave her a friendly grin.

Charlotte’s lips curled into a polite smile as she washed her hand in the adjoining sink.

They stood beside each other in a friendly manner, but their hearts were overwhelmed with mixed feelings.

“How are you doing? Is everything fine?”

The women looked up and turned at their shoulders when a gentle voice rang out.

Zachary didn’t even bother looking at Charlotte and gave Nancy a concerned look.

“I’m fine.” Nancy grinned, shaking her head slightly.

Zachary strode over to her and took her hand to study it carefully. “It isn’t a serious wound, but remember to put some ointment so it won’t leave a scar behind.”

“Mm. I shall do that at night,” came Nancy’s reply.

“I asked Raina to come here.” Zachary wasn’t about to let the matter slide. “You should put some ointment on now.”

“Ah?” His action took Nancy by surprise. “It’s just a minor burn. Why did you ask Dr. Langhan to come?”

“Go.” Zachary gave her hand a pat. “I’ll be there in a jiffy.”

“Mm.” Nancy turned to leave obediently. Before she stepped out, she gave Charlotte a polite bow.

Charlotte kept her head low as she scrubbed her hands violently, as though there was a stain that cannot be removed. Her hands were turning red from the force.

“You shouldn’t be scrubbing your hands. Instead, I suggest you scrub your heart,” Zachary suddenly uttered icily.

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