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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1315

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1315

Knock! Knock! Someone knocked on the door.

Lucky looked at the monitor and reported, “Mr. Nacht, Dr. Langhan is here.”

“Let her in,” Zachary responded.

“Yes.” Lucy opened the door and invited Raina in.

“Mr. Nacht, I have something to report after careful deliberation.” Raina whipped out a file and told him, “Ms. Lindberg called me this afternoon. It’s about Olivia…”

After hearing what she had to say, Zachary took the file and glanced at it briefly. “It seems pretty hard to invite Dr. Wright here. Do you want me to do it?”

“Of course not,” Raina replied with a bitter smile. “Truth to be told, even if Dr. Wright is here, the chances of her saving Olivia are pretty slim. Ms. Lindberg will feel better if she’s here.”

“Let’s do it, then.” Zachary made up his mind. “Give me Dr. Wright’s number. I’ll call her now.”

“Yes.” Raina gave the said number to him at once.

At the same time, on the way back to Northridge.

Charlotte was gripping her phone, her expression livid. “How could she? I did my very best to convince her and even offered a huge reward, but Dr. Wright refused to say yes.”

“Those capable doctors are usually difficult to please,” Lupine said with a grin. “She doesn’t know your identity. She must be afraid that it was a prank call and rejected your offer.”

“That seems plausible,” Charlotte answered, her brows knitted together. “Do I have to fly to M Nation and extend an invitation personally?”

“If you leave, what about the kids?” Lupine said hastily. “Though you’re usually busy, and Morgan takes good care of them, at least they get to see you at night. Knowing you are here gives them a sense of security. If you leave, they will fret for sure.”

“Yes.” Charlotte was plagued with worry. “Robbie, Jamie, and Ellie have their father, but the little ones only have me. Their parents aren’t with them.”

“What if you send Morgan to invite her on your behalf?” Lupine suggested.

“Morgan isn’t good at stuff like this.” Charlotte thought about it and declared, “Oh, why don’t you take two men with you and pay her a visit?”

“But if I’m not here, no one will be here for you. Morgan is busy taking care of the kids—”

“Cut the crap,” Charlotte barked.

“Fine.” Lupine nodded begrudgingly. She was about to leave to carry out the order when Charlotte’s phone rang.

“It’s Raina.” Charlotte answered it at once. “Hello?”

“Ms. Lindberg, Dr. Wright has agreed to come to H City!” Raina’s excited voice sounded from the other end of the line. “She’ll be here five days later. I’ll be picking her up from the airport.”

“That’s great! Thank you so much, Raina,” Charlotte answered as happiness danced through her thoughts. “You’re amazing! I just called Dr. Wright, but she rejected me without even bothering to consider my offer.”

“Yes, she’s quite difficult,” Raina said, shooting Zachary a conflicted look. If he didn’t extend an invitation personally, that doctor wouldn’t have agreed to come.

“How did you persuade her to say yes, then?” Charlotte got curious.

“We are acquainted with each other. She must’ve agreed as I offered her a grand reward,” Raina explained carefully.

“I’ll bear all the costs,” Charlotte offered at once. “I really can’t thank you enough for your help, Raina.”

“You’re welcome. I’ll give Peter a call now so he can stop worrying about it.”

“Okay. Do it now.”

Before Charlotte could hang up, another voice popped up from the other end. “Mr. Nacht, this document…”

Lucy stopped short in fright when Zachary gave her a furious hand gesture.

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