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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1311

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1311

“Count us in, too!” the other men chimed in enthusiastically. “You’re the major shareholder, so you get to call the shots. But we’ll bear the risks together. That way, both of us will feel much better.”

“Sure!” Charlotte chuckled. “That’ll do. I promise we’ll make so much money together!”

They chortled. “We trust you, Ms. Windt.”

They were used to addressing her as “Ms. Windt” as they used to work for Richard.

“Great. Good luck to us!”

She shook hands with the shareholders and rose to her feet, prepared to leave. Jeffrey saw her out. They chatted about the past six months’ events briefly, and Jeffrey mentioned Olivia.

After remaining in bed for six months, Olivia showed no signs of recovering. Every time Jeffrey went to H City on business, he’d go visit her. Luckily, Peter didn’t give up and took great care of her.

Charlotte’s mood was dampened at the news. Olivia was her best friend, but Sharon forced her to betray Charlotte to save her beloved. As a result, Ellie was kidnapped and tortured.

In the end, Olivia saved Ellie and got beaten to a pulp by Sharon. Though she survived, she was now a vegetable.

Before Charlotte returned to Erihal, she bought a house for Peter and Olivia. She also gave them some money and told Raina to arrange for Olivia’s treatment.

A few days ago, Charlotte visited Sultry Night. Besides having regained her memory, she wanted to ask Peter about Olivia. Alas, he wasn’t there. She then bumped into Zachary and Nancy which forced her to leave earlier than expected.

“Charlotte, I heard Peter is working hard to afford Olivia’s medical fees overseas. I told him to talk to you, but he refused to disturb you. I think you need to know about this, so…” Jeffrey explained everything though he seemed slightly hesitant.

“Got it,” Charlotte answered with a brisk nod. “I’ll make the arrangements. Thank you, Mr. Judd.”

“You’re welcome.” Jeffrey sighed, relieved. “You’ve lost a lot of weight, and you look somewhat exhausted. Do take care.”

“Mm.” Charlotte gave him a slight smile. “I’m good, so don’t worry. Let’s talk next time.”

“Okay. Let me know if you have any orders anytime!”

After leaving the factory, Charlotte gave Raina a call to find out more about Olivia’s situation.

Raina informed her that there were no updates. It was only two months after her injury, so the treatment wouldn’t work that fast. Unless a miracle were to happen, of course.

A stressed-out Peter asked around and discovered a hospital in M Nation that had quite a number of successful cases, so he wanted to bring Olivia there.

Though Raina explained the cases were rare, he still wanted to try his luck.

After learning that, Charlotte asked Raina’s help to contact that hospital. If there was hope, she wanted Raina to make arrangements.

Raina had already tried contacting the hospital, but they couldn’t give her a definite answer. They could only make a diagnosis after seeing the patient for themselves.

Charlotte told her, “Invite the doctor over to examine her. I shall foot the bill.”

“Well…” Raina seemed stumped. “I did that previously, but it seems pretty hard to invite that doctor over.”

“Give me his contact. I shall contact him personally.” Charlotte didn’t want to trouble her.

“Well, you don’t have to do that. Let me try extending an invitation again,” came Raina’s reply. “I’ll give you an answer by tomorrow.”

“Thank you!”

After hanging up, Charlotte lamented, “It’s quite annoying not having someone to rely on. Raina works for the Nacht family, and it’s quite troublesome to ask for her help every time.”

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