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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1310

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1310

Hearing the determination in Zachary’s words, Charlotte relaxed. Looks like I don’t have to worry. He has decided to stay away from me and is doing this for the kids.

Though that was what she wanted, strangely, she felt a tinge of disappointment. However, her expression remained cool as she replied calmly, “Good. We’re divorced, and now we’re neighbors. Nothing more. We shall stay out of each other’s lives from now on.”

“Is this a peace agreement?” Zachary stretched his arm out. “No problem!”

Rolling her eyes, Charlotte took his hand.

From today onward, Northridge and Southridge’s previous glory would be restored.

Behind them, Ben and Lupine shared smiling looks.

Marino and Morgan were secretly overjoyed, for it was much easier for them to meet up now.

Back in H City, Charlotte told Lupine and Morgan to prepare for the house moving while she went to Yaleview to visit Jeffrey.

The factory that Charlotte invested in was doing well under the reins of Jeffrey and the other men.

After working hard for two years, they finally expanded and opened three more factories. Now, they were planning to rent an office building in the city for their company. Slowly, they’d establish the brand and increase their influence in the industry.

Jeffrey was delighted to learn about Charlotte’s return. He gathered two shareholders to meet her with the accounts so they could report about the profit and results for the past two years.

Though Charlotte was the biggest shareholder and invested a huge sum of money, she didn’t bother asking how the company was doing. A satisfied grin lit her lips when she found out her initial investment had at least tripled.

Thus, she thanked Jeffrey and the other two profusely.

After exchanging pleasantries, Charlotte suggested, “I’ve looked around, and the factories seem to be doing well. You can continue with the expansion. I’ll invest another one billion, so just go all out. You shall handle the products, and I’ll help to promote the brand in secret. Don’t let others know that I’m a major shareholder, though.”

The few shareholders were dumbstruck. Though they were successful businessmen, the sum of their investment was only around twenty million.

Now that business was booming, they had considered seeking other investors to expand the business. Alas, they dared not bother Charlotte. To their utter surprise, she offered to add on two billion to her initial investment.

Her statement shocked them senseless.

“Charlotte, w-where did you get so much money?” Jeffrey pulled her aside and whispered, “I heard that Lindberg Corporation is now in trouble. You’ve received your share, so even if you can afford it, keep the money. Investments are risky, and we’re not that capable. Running a small company is fine, but we don’t have the confidence to expand further.”

“He’s right.” The other shareholders nodded. “Your investment sum is too large.”

“We’ve worked under your dad. Handling the products is fine by us, but branding and being entrepreneurs don’t suit us.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll take charge of that,” Charlotte assured them confidently. “Just do as I say. Mr. Judd, send me the company account number. I’ll transfer the money over shortly.”

Jeffrey parted his lips to convince her to change her mind, but she was insistent. “Please don’t worry. I’ll bear all the risks. If the company is a success, we’ll divide all the profits. All losses will be bored by me.”

“H-How can we let you do that?” the shareholders stuttered anxiously.

“Since Charlotte’s confident in the expansion, it’s a yes from us.” Jeffrey made up his mind. “We should stick together through thick and thin!”

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