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Married by Mistake Mr Whitmans Sinner Wife by Sixteenth Child

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 2000

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 2000

Madeline actually wanted Jeremy to be responsible for her?

Did this mean that Madeline was agreeing to let her be part of the family?

There were many doubts in Hannah’s mind.

While she was in a state of confusion and shock, she saw Karen pulling Madeline to the side.

She then saw Karen whispering in Madeline’s ear, but she could not hear what Karen was saying to Madeline.

“Eveline, what are you talking about? Are you agreeing to take this woman on Jeremy’s behalf?”

Karen looked at Madeline in confusion.

Madeline nodded with a casual expression. “Yeah, since she so firmly wants Jeremy to be responsible for her, we’ll let her be part of the family.”

“W-What?” Karen’s eyes widened in shock, completely unable to understand what Madeline meant.

“Eveline, you are crazy! Even if you agree to it, Jeremy won’t!”

“I agree too.” Jeremy’s voice suddenly slipped into her ears. Madeline and Karen looked over at him when they heard his voice. They did not know when Jeremy came downstairs.

Hannah, who was sitting on the sofa when she saw Jeremy coming over, immediately stood up. Her eyes were also filled with a lot of admiration and expectation.

“Mr. Whitman.” She called out to Jeremy and walked toward him slowly.

Jeremy ignored Hannah. He lowered his eyes to look into Madeline’s clear eyes.

As they looked at each other and smiled, it seemed that they had an instant and tacit understanding.

Without any exchange of words between Jeremy and Madeline, Jeremy immediately raised his deep and alluring eyes to look at Hannah.

“Since you want to be part of this family so much, we’ll fulfill your wish.”

Jeremy agreed, parting his lips lightly.

Hannah widened her eyes. “Mr. Whitman, are you serious? Are you really willing to take responsibility for me?”

Jeremy looked at Hannah without emotion. “I don’t like repeating what I’ve said.”

Upon hearing this, Hannah looked at Jeremy dazedly. After returning to her senses, a cheerful, albeit shy and embarrassed, smile gradually appeared on her face.

“Mr. Whitman, I-I didn’t mean to make things difficult for you deliberately. I just want to stay with you and take care of you.”

Hannah expressed her feelings for Jeremy.

“I never believed in love at first sight, but since meeting you, Mr. Whitman, I believe it. As long as I can stay by your side, I am satisfied.”

“Really?” Jeremy asked casually, and Hannah nodded repeatedly.

“Then you’ll just stay here. We need some time to deal with the procedural matters.”

“I understand! I’m not in a hurry! ” Hannah smiled, and her attitude had obviously changed.

She did not even look at Madeline and the others in the room. It was as if she could only see Jeremy.

“Mr. Whitman, where am I sleeping tonight?” she asked. Her eyes were filled with distress and worry.

“You’re still injured, and now your hand is also wounded. I hope I can stay by your side to take care of you. Can I?”

“Of course not!” Karen rejected firmly.

As she spoke, she glared at Madeline and Jeremy unhappily, and then she started scolding them sternly.

“Are you two insane? You finally got together after so many obstacles. You got married and even have children, so what the hell are you doing now? Are you going to throw your whole family away for this lascivious woman?”

Madeline and Jeremy wanted to explain their decisions to Karen later, but Hannah immediately snapped back.

“Lascivious? Are you calling me lascivious? Mr. Whitman and I consented to that, and it  takes two to tango. So, how can you say that I am lascivious?”

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