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Married by Mistake Mr Whitmans Sinner Wife by Sixteenth Child

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1979

Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife chapter 1979

When Madeline said that, Jeremy suddenly felt like he was at a loss.

However, it was understandable that she wanted to be by herself.

“Linnie, I’ll be outside the study. Call me if you need me, ” Jeremy said and was about to turn around and go out.

However, Madeline grabbed his hand. “Jeremy, your injury isn’t healed yet, so move as little as possible. I’ll wait in the room for a bit.”

After she said that, Madeline let go of Jeremy’s hand and walked toward the door to the study.

Jeremy’s heart suddenly became empty.

If his leg hurt, so, too, did her scalded foot. However, at this moment, nothing hurt more than her heart.

Jeremy was truly irritated. He really had been careless back then. He had not kept his guard up against the maid, so he did not think that there was a problem with the cake.

He recalled the situation in detail, and there was still a particular scene in his mind that he did not want to remember. How could he touch a woman other than his Linnie?

He could not accept this matter no matter what, let alone Madeline.

Once Madeline returned to the room, she sat quietly on the bed and flipped through the wedding photos of her and Jeremy.

After a while, Karen brought her toddler son into the room and said that the little guy wanted his mother to hold him.

Madeline picked up her son. Upon seeing the little guy’s innocent and cute face, the sadness on her face gradually dissipated.

Knock, knock, knock.

There came soft and gentle knocks on the door.

Madeline, who already knew who was knocking, lifted her eyes and looked toward the entrance.

“Come in.”

She said, and the door was pushed open the next second. Jeremy then walked in through the entrance with light footsteps.

When he saw Madeline playing with Pudding, a look of love and tenderness naturally appeared in his eyes.

Jeremy walked up to the side of the bed and sat down. When the little guy saw him, he childishly parted his lips and called out, “Daddy.”

The clearly enunciated word warmed Jeremy’s heart when he heard that.

He lifted his hand and caressed the adorable little head. “Pudding is becoming such a good boy.”

He praised the naive little boy, and the little boy, who certainly had no idea that Jeremy was praising him, had a silly grin on him, giving him a naive and pure look.

Jeremy’s gaze quickly shifted from the little boy to Madeline’s face.

When he saw a slight smile on Madeline’s petite face as she looked at their precious son tenderly, he felt a pain in his heart instead.


Jeremy called out to Madeline. “I know apologies are useless…”

“Then don’t, ” Madeline interrupted him, and her tone sounded so carefree.

Jeremy’s heart sank. He felt that this matter was so serious that he might not get Madeline’s forgiveness.

During Jeremy’s moment of worry, however, Madeline gave him a gentle and soft smile.

“You’re not the one to blame for that, so you don’t have to apologize to me.”

Jeremy was surprised by what Madeline was saying right now.


‘Is Linnie not mad at me? ‘How can she not be mad?

‘This is so serious, yet Linnie isn’t blaming me?’

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