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Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2819

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2819

“Were you the one who told your mom that… I love pumpkin soup?”

Chester spoke again, his eyes filled with tenderness. “ You still remember it, huh?”

“I’ve always remembered some things. You’re the one who doesn’t remember.” Charity did not know why she said that.

“Well…” Chester said with a low voice, “It was my fault-”

“Enough.” Annoyed, Charity interrupted him, “ Chester, I hate you, but I never wished for you to end up like this. All I hoped was that we’d live our own lives like two parallel lines. You shouldn’t have saved me…”

“If I hadn’t saved you… you’d be dead.” Although Chester could not get up, his eyes were fixed on her. “ I’ve lost you before… Charity’s death… I don’t wish to experience it again.”

He knew full well that charity was wronged and that Sarah caused the misunderstanding between charity and him.

He regretted his actions, but there was nothing he could do because he believed charity was dead.

“When I came looking for you on the highway… I’ve thought it over. If… I failed to save you, I might be alive, but… I’d be in a living hell where no one… could save me from the darkness.”

Chester let out a mocking laugh. To him, Charity was his redemption. “You don’t need to feel… guilty because… if I hadn’t sent you the video, Huxley wouldn’t have targeted you. I wasn’t… attentive enough. I should’ve… arranged for more people to protect you carefully. I overlooked… the druggy of a madman.”

“Regarding Huxley’s matter, I was the one-”

“It was… inconsiderate of me.” Slightly out of breath, Chester interrupted her, “I’ve always been…

opinionated. Since I meant to help you, I shouldn’t have done you a disservice and hurt you.”

Charity was speechless.

Even though Chester was the one who sent Huxley’s video to Charity, charity willingly used it.

As a woman, watching that video made her furious, and she wanted to help the poor couple whose daughter was tortured to death.

Chester said in a low voice, “The first time… you died in the sea. If you die the second time by jumping off the bridge and into the river, you’ll definitely be scared.”

Charity was momentarily stunned.

At that moment, her strong and cold heart felt like it was shot.

She began to laugh in a rather sarcastic manner. “ Chester, since when did you become so merciful and kind? You’re not a saint. You’re a monster. Monsters should act like monsters, okay?”

“I’m a monster.” Chester said self-righteously, “That was why… when I saved you, I didn’t care about other people’s lives.”

He did not care about other people’s lives except for Charity’s.

Charity widened her eyes a little. Looking at the young man on the bed, she was suddenly at a loss for words.

Only after some time did she say with difficulty, “ What about your leg and face? Don’t you care about your looks?”

“Oh, it’s just my leg and face, what’s… so great about them?” With that, Chester snorted. “It’s fine if I’m ugly or I can’t walk. All that matters is that you don’t look down on me.”

“How do you know I won’t look down on you?” Charity asked.

“You won’t.” Chester looked into her eyes. “I think I understand you very well.”

A hint of confusion flashed across charity’s eyes. “ Have you ever thought about other people? I can’t possibly be with you only because you saved me. Moreover, humans are selfish. I’ve never been interested in you. Now that you’re crippled and ugly, I might just find you a burden. Not only me but your parents and the women you’ll meet in the future might think so too.”

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