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Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2559

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2559

“I told you to send the fruits upstairs, but why are you down here?” Mrs. Lynch glared at Freya while feeding Dani some fruits.

Freya’s mouth twitched, “oh, I don’t think I should interrupt their alone time.”

Mrs. Lynch instantly got the point.

She found it normal if someone else’s son did it. However, she thought it was bizarre when Forrest did it.

“Alas. I always thought your brother was a cold person, and I was so that his future wife would not be able to stand him. However, it looks like I don’t know him well enough.”

“Mom, men nowadays are like this.”

Catherine’s husband, Shaun, crossed Freya’s mind. He gave other people the cold shoulder, yet when it came to his wife… he was passionate in private.

Freya believed that her brother was pretty much the same.

In fact, as a woman, she was quite fond of the contrast.

It did not matter if a man treated other people coldly as long as he was nice to his wife.

Nevertheless, Ryan was not that sort. He was friendly and smiley to everyone.

At the thought of that, Freya regretted it a little. When she was talking on the phone with Ryan that night, she snorted. “My brother really is a good man. I reckon he has never touched any woman’s hand except for Jessica’s. Unlike him, you treat everyone enthusiastically.” « »

Having been dragged into the mess for no reason, Ryan was confused. “Don’t you remember how Forrest criticized Jessica back then? Do you want that?”

“…I don’t.” Freya suddenly recalled how Catherine used to be abused by Shaun’s nasty words.

At that thought, it hit Freya that Ryan had always been gentle, considerate, and kind toward her.

Ahem, she was the one demanding too much.

Ryan explained himself, “I don’t treat everyone enthusiastically. As you can see, many girls have been asking me out in school, but I always turn them down politely without giving them a chance. Everyone has different ways of handling things. If I, the prime minister’s son, pull a long face like your brother, other people might see me as arrogant.”

“…That’s true.” Freya knew she was in the wrong, so she hurriedly changed the topic. “ By the way, my brother will be having a wedding in the States next month. Do you know about that?”

“That’s so sudden. No, I haven’t heard of it.” Ryan was taken aback. However, he then sounded envious when he said, “Look. They just got together, and they’re having a wedding soon. Yet, our relationship is still- stagnant.”

“How old is my brother? And how old are you?” Freya mocked him with a grin.

Freya was kidding. Given that she had just escaped from marriage, she did not wish to get married so soon.

“Although I’m not as old as your brother, I wish to get a wife.” Ryan sighed glumly. “ Look at me. I’ll be sleeping alone tonight again.”

“What? I just kept you company yesterday.”

“I want you to keep me company every day.” The man was behaving like a spoiled child.

“Dream on.”

Ryan’s heart ached, and he had no choice but to comfort himself. “It’s okay. I’ll wait for you as long as you don’t keep me waiting until I reach a ripe old age.”

Freya chuckled as a sweet feeling welled up in her.

Her good mood remained until she was at work. “Do find time to attend my brother and Jessica’s wedding in the States next month.”

Seated in the office chair, Catherine lifted her head, and her pretty eyes looked confused. “ Your brother and Jessica?” “Yeah.”

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