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Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2557

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2557

The elders would definitely want the wedding held in the country. Mrs. Lynch spent the last night looking for a good hotel in the country, but now, she did not feel like they were not involved in it at all.

As soon as Jessica noticed what was happening, she said in a gentle voice, “My relationship with Freya and Forrest is quite complicated, so it’s better to have our wedding overseas low-key.”

The reminder instantly reminded Mr. Lynch and Mrs. Lynch of their odd predicament.

They had forgotten the issue.

“That’s fine.” Mr. Lynch nodded, and at the same time, he felt relieved.

To tell the truth, he was quite intimidated by Jessica. Her presence was so much stronger than Jason’s that she made him feel like he was sitting and talking with the prime minister’s wife.

However, upon hearing Jessica’s approachable tone, he was relieved.

Mrs. Lynch let out a light cough. “But your parents…”

She did not continue. However, everyone understood her.

Forrest turned his gaze to Jessica.

Jessica tucked her hair behind her ear. “I’ll persuade my parents to attend our wedding. If they’re reluctant to, so be it. I’ll take care of them when they’re sick, but I won’t sacrifice my happiness in return.”

Those words were not only meant for the Lynch family. Most importantly, they were meant for Forrest.

After Forrest heard what she said, his dark eyes twitched, and he held her hand tightly. It looked like he had no one else but her in his


Mrs. Lynch and Freya could not stand the sight of it.

Those who knew nothing would think that the couple had been forced to separate for many years.

As the head of the family, Mr. Lynch had no choice but to say, “since you and Forrest both married, we can only wish you both a wonderful life together from now on. We’re not narrow-minded people anyway.”

“Thanks, Dad.” Jessica flashed him an inviting smile.

Mr. Lynch suddenly shuddered before he nodded.

That was good too. If Lynch Corporation’s business partners learned that Jessica was his daughter-in-law, they would be extremely envious of him.

Seeing how shameless her father was, Freya facepalmed herself at the side. He was just lamenting with her mother last night, thinking of a way to separate the couple.

Yet, he was a completely different person today. How two-faced!

Nevertheless, it was understandable. If she were in his shoes, she would not dare to oppose the couple as well.

Hence, the meal was surprisingly peaceful.

After getting along with Jessica, Mrs. Lynch realized that her daughter-in-law was not that scary, she was polite, and her eyes beamed.

Mrs. Lynch was initially concerned that her son would get a wife who behaved the same as he did or even more arrogant. However, it hit her now that she was overthinking it.

After the meal, Mrs. Lynch said, “Jessica, look at how lively our house is. The third floor is Forrest’s, and it was renovated with his wife in mind, so please come over and stay whenever you’re free.”

“Alright.” Jessica nodded.

It was her first time eating at the Lynch family’s house, and she could feel that the atmosphere was different.

The Lynchs would chat while eating, talking about some interesting stories, and Dani was adorable. Their family was warm like any other ordinary family.

Jessica had never experienced it before. When she used to live in the Snow family’s old residence, old Master Snow and Jason had strict rules. Their subject of discussion during meals would always revolve around work, and as the eldest child of the family, she had to act like one.

However, she felt at ease here.

It was no wonder Ryan came to the Lynch family’s home to eat so often.

“Once you’re done with your meal, take Jessica to have a lookupstairs,” Mrs. Lynch reminded Forrest.

“Okay.” Forrest nodded. He would do that even without his mother telling him anyway.

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