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Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2556

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2556

“You scared me. Here I was, thinking that both of you are progressing so quickly,” Freya said with a grin.

Forrest frowned and asked with a low voice, “ Since you have an upset stomach, do you want to go for an ultrasound scan?”

“…No need. Perhaps I’m just a little hungry.” Jessica had no choice but to continue lying.

“Let’s go in and eat something.” Forrest thought it was probably because she was busy with work at noon and did not have a proper meal. Hence, he held her hand and walked into the villa.

Jessica quickly greeted Mrs. Lynch and Mr. Lynch. “Hi, Mrs. and Mr. Lynch.”

“They’re not strangers anymore. They’re your dad and mom.” Forrest reminded her with an impassive look and tone, as though he was describing the weather today.

Knowing his personality left Mrs. Lynch, Mr. Lynch, and Jessica, who were all in the living room, feeling awkward.

He should, at least, give them some breathing space instead of expecting Jessica to call his parents ‘Dad’ and ‘Mom’ as soon as she entered the villa.

Freya was particularly speechless. After rolling her eyes at her brother, she chuckled to ease the atmosphere. “That’s right, since both of you are married, I should call you Sister-in- law from nowon.”

Mr. Lynch and Mrs. Lynch found it strange. After all, Freya and Jessica were relatives, and Freya used to address Jessica the same way as Rodney did.

Yet now, Jessica had become Freya’s sister-in- law.

Alas, this relationship…

“Sister-in-law, when did you marry my brother?” Curious, Freya started the topic.

“Last week.” Forrest was worried that his parents would figure something out. After that, he took a plate and opened a packet of biscuits. “Eat some of these to fill your stomach first. Mom, is dinner ready?”

Speechless, Mrs. Lynch fixed her eyes on her obsequious son, thinking that her eyes were deceiving her. Her son had always been as cold as ice. Even in the summer, she would not have to switch on the air conditioner whenever he was by her side. “It’s not even 6: 00 p.m. yet. The servants have just started preparing the food in the kitchen.”

“I’m not that hungry anyway. I’ll just munch on some snacks.” Jessica promptly took a biscuit and ate it.

“You can finish all of them.” Forrest reminded her resolutely and even took a plateful of lychees.



Jessica looked at him silently. Was it a good idea to stuff herself with food on her first visit? What was more, they were still not too fond of her as a daughter-in-law. Even if she was a Wonderwoman, she knew when to keep a low profile.

Forrest’s eyes lit up with realization when he noticed that she was quiet. Then, he looked down and peeled the lychees skilfully.

He remembered that she disliked having the sticky sensation on her fingers when she ate fruits. Sure enough, that habit others was still the same as before.

Although he remained cold, he exuded an affection aura. The Lynch family could not bear the sight of his behavior.

Freya was dumbfounded. She had always thought that her brother treated her quite well, but by the look of things now, she seemed like an adopted sister to him.

Even Mr. Lynch and Mrs. Lynch were at a loss for words.

Seeing Forrest’s obsequious behavior, what else could they say?

If they messed up, they might lose their son. As such, there was nothing they could do.

After some time, Mrs. Lynch forced a smile and said, “Jessica, I didn’t knowyou were Forrest’s classmate. You’ve never mentioned it before.”

Jessica hurriedly swallowed the lychee and was about to answer. However, Forrest was worried that she would not be able to answer the question, so he instantly said, “Mom, I’ve decided to have a wedding with Jessica in the States next month. It’ll be held in the city where we studied, and I hope you’ll approve of it.”

The jump of the subject caught Mrs. Lynch by surprise.

Mr. Lynch furrowed his brows. “Aren’t you having it in the country?”

Forrest said, “That place has a special significance to both Jessica and me. Then, I’ll book flight tickets for you and the other relatives.”

Mr. Lynch and Mrs. Lynch did not know what to say.

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