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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2466

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2466

Mr. and Mrs. Lynch did not like Jason Snow and his family very much after what had happened with Rodney.

It had not been easy for Freya to divorce Rodney, but now, Forrest had to get married to Rodney’s sister…

His parents would definitely be very angry.

“Do you know something?” Jerry asked keenly. “If there’s really no way, I’ll go ask Ryan for help…”

“Asking him about anything related to the business world, especially foreign trade, will just be making things hard for him.”

Forrest vaguely knew that news of his marriage might have been leaked by Ryan.

There was no way that the executive council would offend Jessica. Ryan was caught in between both sides and could not help either side.

“I’ll solve it, Dad.”

He finally said those words.

Forrest felt ridiculous just thinking about a solution.


Forrest remained in the States for two more days.

When he returned to Australia again, the factories had temporarily stopped production even though the affairs of Lynch Corporation were kept under wraps. There were thousands of employees, so rumors inevitably spread.

The Childs family also quickly learned of the news. Mr. Childs even called Jerry. “President Lynch, I heard at a social gathering that Lynch Corporation is having some problems with Sharon Company and has temporarily stopped production?”

Since they were about to become in-laws, Jerry did not avoid responsibility and merely sighed. “Chairman Childs, you have a branch in the States too. Can you think of anyone who can talk to Sharon Company?”

That short sentence was enough to confirm the rumor.

Mr. Childs thought about it. “I don’t, but don’t you have a good son-in-law? You can ask him for help. The executive council dotes on your daughter so much. You just have to talk to them.”

“This matter is quite troublesome, so it won’t be good for the executive council to intervene.”

Jerry vaguely evaded the suggestion.

Mr. Childs had a lot of thoughts in his mind. His expression turned unpleasant when he hung up the phone.

“What’s going on? Is this really going to be the downfall of the Lynch family?” Mrs. Childs asked hurriedly. “That’s impossible. Ryan Snow likes Freya so much. Isn’t he going to help Lynch Corporation?”

“I’m afraid that even if Ryan likes Freya for now, he might not plan on marrying her.” Mr. Childs gave his wife a long look. “Sometimes, things that happen on a whim may not be as simple as they seem. Sharon Company is one of the top ten companies in the world. Even if Ryan is willing to help, this favor might not be a simple matter. It depends on whether it’s worth it.”

Mrs. Childs hurriedly said, “Then what should we do? How would Forrest be worthy of our daughter if Lynch Corporation falls?”

Mr. Childs was also annoyed. What was a great affair turned out to be…

“Fortunately, news that our families are about to be engaged hasn’t been spread yet. If the Lynch family talks to you about marriage, delay it for now. They can tie the knot after this hurdle, but if Lynch Corporation can’t hold on… When that time comes, find an excuse to say that it’s too hasty for them to get married. Besides, the two haven’t gotten engaged. Everything was only discussed verbally. If the Lynch family asks to borrow funds, tell them that we don’t have enough either.”

“Dad, how could you do this?”

Stacey’s incredulous voice suddenly sounded from behind.

She leaned on her crutches, and her eyes looked furious. “You guys clearly agreed…”

“We agreed before because of Forrest’s ability and Ryan, but Lynch Corporation is having a crisis now. If the Lynch family collapses, you can’t possibly marry into that kind of family.”

Mr. Childs stood up solemnly. “You’re the daughter we raised painstakingly. I can’t let you get married to someone with a lower status than you.”

“Dad, you’re too materialistic. I like Forrest. He’s the only one I want to marry.” Stacey was trembling with anger.

“Be good, Stacey. If Lynch Corporation falls, Forrest will be saddled with a huge debt. You’ll become a joke if you marry him,” Mrs. Childs also rebuked her. “For now, you should just stay at home and recuperate. Don’t go anywhere and don’t contact Forrest.”

Then, Mrs. Childs simply confiscated Stacey’s cell phone.

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