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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2463

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2463

“I have something going on right now. We can meet at Idle Cottage at 9 p.m.”

Jessica’s bland voice came from the phone.

Forrest nearly smashed the phone in his palm. What he hated most in his life was Jessica’s calm and natural appearance.

She was just as indifferent even when they broke up.



The call ended with a beep.

Forrest’s eyebrows were fiercely furrowed together, and his eyes were full of anger.

However, he could only take a deep breath.

No matter what, this matter had to be resolved.


The original plan was to fly to the States, but Forrest informed the company to suspend the plan. He first rushed back to Canberra.

It was already 8 p.m. by the time he arrived.

He hurried to Idle Cottage.

In the courtyard was a small bridge and pavilion. The environment here was quiet.

“Mr. Lynch, this is the private room reserved by President Snow.”

The waiter brought him to a private room facing the pool.

Inside was a tea room, sofa, and dining table.

He sat for a while. There was a rattling at the door, and he thought it was Jessica who had arrived. However, he turned around only to see that it was the waiter bringing over some fruits and dishes.

“This was arranged by President Snow.”

The waiter carefully put the food on the table.

Forrest’s dark eyes fell on the dishes, and a trace of complexity flashed inside.

They were dishes that the two used to eat abroad, such as yam and eggplant, black pepper beef, and pork bone soup with corn and carrot.

What exactly did this woman want?

He had not eaten much today and did not have an appetite on the plane. When he saw these brightly-colored dishes, his stomach could not help but growl.

Although he did not want to touch the food prepared by that woman, there was no need to starve himself.

Forrest picked up a bowl and started to eat.

When he put the bowl down, the heavy wooden door was pushed open.

Jessica walked in from outside, dressed in a new seasonal black A-line skirt suit and a pair of high-heeled shoes. Her long hair draped over her shoulders. Her makeup was light, and her eyes were clear and firm. She looked high and lofty as usual. Her body also hid a noble elegance.

Their eyes met.

Forrest’s handsome three-dimensional face seemed to be covered in frost. His dark eyes suppressed a surge of anger. “Are you responsible for what happened involving Sharon Company?”

He had thought a lot about it on the way here.

She was the only one who could have done it.

First, Sharon Company terminated their contract with Lynch Corporation, then Inez Corporation did the same. These two large companies were important partners for Lynch Corporation’s future development. I n order to develop, Lynch Corporation had used most of their funds to expand. If something went wrong now, it would be like breaking their own wings. The consequences would be unimaginable.

All this was done by the woman in front of him.

Jessica glanced at the half-eaten meal on the table. Her gaze softened slightly before she sat down at the table and nodded gently. “Yes.”

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