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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2460

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2460

“Please take the patient to the 7th floor for photo taking.”

All of a sudden, a nurse stuffed a sheet she was holding into Forrest’s hand. “Wheel the patient there.”


Forrest hesitated for a few seconds before gently carrying Stacey onto the wheelchair.

With her face stuck close to his chest, Stacey’s face flushed red, and she lifted her head, only to see Forrest’s face that was as cold as ever. He was not even looking at her.

She felt dispirited, but she quickly comforted herself.

‘Take it slow. I have a whole lifetime to move him anyway.’

Given that Forrest was tall and strong, taking Stacey for a check-up was easy for him.


Half an hour later, he took Stacey back.

Mrs. Lynch and Mrs. Childs almost finished chatting with each other.

Forrest had something to deal with after. Hence, he left with Mrs. Lynch and sent her home first. During the journey, Mrs. Lynch complained, “You should stay there to spend more time with Stacey.”

“There’s some work to deal with in the company.”

“All you care about is your company.” Mrs. Lynch said with disappointment, “Stacey is so gentle and cute. Are you a block of ice?”

“I gave birth to you. You should know whether I’m a block of ice or not,” Forrest refuted indifferently.

Mrs. Lynch rolled her eyes at him. “The Childs family is quite easy-going. It’s up to us to decide on the dowry. As for the house, they said their daughter can stay with us since our villa has only been renovated not long ago or both of you can live together. Anyhow, they had no objections but only one request. They want us to be nice to Stacey and hold a grand wedding for her. Don’t upset her.”

Forrest nodded.

He had seen quite a number of his friends encountering a bunch of problems when it came to matters related to weddings, houses, and dowries.

The Childs family was indeed reasonable in that aspect.

“This is the benefit of a well-matched marriage.” Mrs. Lynch said with a grin, “If you find someone inferior to you, they might ask for something unreasonable. It’s not that we care about the money, but their greedy behavior will disgust us. If you find someone who’s too good, they might not care about the dowry we give even if it’s worth tens of millions of dollars. You know our family’s condition. We’ve just bought a house, and Lynch Corporation has just expanded to a large industrial park. All these require cash flow, which we don’t even have a lot of now.”

Forrest’s gaze drifted for a few seconds before he nodded.

He had thought those things over.

That was why he agreed to the marriage.

His parents would not approve of him dragging it on anyway.

Just as he was ready to head to the office after sending Mrs. Lynch home, he suddenly received a call from his secretary. “Ohno, President Lynch. Sharon Company just called me, saying that they want to terminate their contract with us.”

“Didn’t we agree on a five-year contract? Why do they suddenly want to terminate it?” Forrest’s tone turned cold.

“I’m not sure. They claimed that our products are not up to standard and that they won’t approve them. In any case, they want to terminate it.”

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