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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2458

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2458

“My brother’s assistant has saved him heroically, so my brother plans to devote his life to her. It is ridiculous.” Freya said, “Both my parents have approved of it. In fact, the two families are well-matched, but I think two people must have feelings for each other before getting married. Marriage isn’t a game. Oh, forget it. There’s a generation gap between my parents and me, whereas my brother has never gone through it, so he doesn’t understand my good intentions. Hmph. I advised him out of kindness, yet he treated me so coldly.”

“Uh… Hasn’t your brother always been cold? Don’t take it to heart,” Ryan comforted Freya.

“…That’s true too.”

“Darling, after some thought, I’ve decided to cook some noodles. I’ll talk to you later…”

Ryan hung up the call.

He was hungry, but he just felt the need to let Jessica know about the matter.

With that, he quickly dialed Jessica’s number. “Where are you?”

“Working overtime.”

Ryan was speechless. “Are you planning to dedicate your entire life to work? You’ve been working overtime every day. What time is it now? I’m telling you, if you continue to work overtime like this, all the men are going to get married.”


Jessica rubbed her brows. Her mind was filled with data, so she had not come to her senses yet. “Who?”

Ryan was impatient. “Who else but Forrest? Freya just told me that something nearly happened to Forrest at the factory, but his female assistant saved him in time. So, he has decided to devote his life to her. Both their families have approved it, and they’ll soon discuss the marriage.”


Jessica remained silent.

Now, her mind was no longer filled with data. Upon hearing the news, she was at her wits’ end.

Get married?

She was a little confused.

By the time she came to it, she felt as though there was a hole in her chest. Her originally empty heart became even emptier.

“I’ve informed you of the news first thing, so you should ponder over it. If you don’t take action soon, you can forget about it once he gets married and has a child.”

Having gone through a similar situation, Ryan especially understood the helplessness and despair of seeing a crush getting married. Unfortunately, nothing in the world could cure regrets.

He was lucky enough to have Freya because Rodney did not cherish her.

However, Jessica could not possibly wait until Forrest got a divorce. What if he did not get one in the end?

In that case, she would be lonely forever.

“Mm. Let me think about it.”

Jessica soon ended the call. She was not in a rush to stand up. Instead, she sat on the chair silently.

After a long time, she drew her drawer open and took out a small box from it.

There was a small, plain diamond ring inside.

Even after a long time, the diamond ring remained shiny.

She would never forget that Forrest was the one who bought her the ring with his first hard-earned salary soon after the two of them got together.

She had kept the ring with her for many years.

However, what about him?

Was he getting further away from her?

That night, Jessica sat in the office throughout the night.

Only when it was dawn did she dial a number.

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