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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2457

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2457

“Stacey is the young lady of the chairman who owns Halo Investment Corporation.”

Mrs. Lynch rolled her eyes at Freya. “She has a crush on your brother, and that’s why she applied to become his secretary. Tsk. This woman has such great taste.”


Freya’s mouth twitched at the fact that her mother claimed Stacey had great taste just because she was in love with Forrest. “What great taste? My brother is so cold.”

“Ahem. It’s fine for others to say that, but you shouldn’t. Your brother has been treating you well since you were young. What’s more, he’s one of the very few good-looking ones.”

After Mrs. Lynch finished speaking, she coughed. “Of course, he is a bit cold. That’s exactly why I’m worried that he’ll be single forever. Since the woman saved him, he should devote his life to her, and he agreed with it too.”

“My brother could’ve been scared because you kept pushing him to get married. Since he would have to get married anyway, he thought he might as well pick Stacey so that he wouldn’t have to go on more blind dates.” Freya’s lips twitched.

“Oh well. Their feelings for each other will grow as they get along over time. Once they have a child, their life will be different. Besides, Stacey is indeed a nice woman. I quite like her.”


Freya was not familiar with Stacey. Nevertheless, she did not think that life would be different for a couple after having a child.

She had previously that thought as well, yet she ended up divorced from Rodney.


Upon hearing that Forrest returned home that night, Freya raced to his room. “Forrest…”

Just as she shut the door and turned around, she saw Forrest taking off his shirt. Under the dark blue shirt were his toned muscles and slim waist. However, his skin was honey-colored and tanned, unlike Ryan, who was fair-skinned.

“Wow, Forrest. I didn’t know you had muscles.” Freya was momentarily stunned at how well her brother had kept his muscles.

Forrest glared at her and quickly put on his pajamas. “Don’t you have hands? Why didn’t you knock before entering my room?We’re not kids anymore.”

“Can’t you see I’m in a hurry to ask you something?” Freya stuck her tongue out. “Are you really going to marry Stacey? Do you like her?”

“What’s there to like or dislike? I have to get married anyway.” After pausing for a moment, Forrest said, “She did save me, and she’s quite capable at work.”

Freya was at a loss for words. “You’re getting a wife, not a secretary. If you want to return her favor, there’s no need to devote your life to her.”

Forrest ignored her and looked down at his watch.

“Once you… are married, you can’t be with Jessica anymore. Think carefully.” Freya suddenly said, “I’m your sister, and I have experience in relationships. Two people must have feelings for each other to be together. You can’t get married just for the sake of getting married, and I don’t advise that you get married for the sake of the child or favor.”

Forrest drew his drawer open and placed his watch inside. “Oh, does it mean that I should marry Jessica?”

With that, he straightened up and turned around to face Freya with his cold eyes. “Freya, who is the older one now? Have you been bewitched by Jessica? Let me tell you again that it’s impossible for Jessica and me to be in a relationship.”

That ended the conversation.

Forrest turned around and headed to the bathroom.

Freya took a deep breath before turning around and returning to her bedroom.

Shortly after, Ryan called her. After Ryan and Freya finished dealing with their respective work at night, they would have a long call. “Darling, I’ve been reading since the afternoon, and I haven’t even had dinner…”

“Don’t you know how to cook your own dinner? You have hands, don’t you?” Freya said with a snort, “How old are you to tell me you’re hungry? You’re not a kid anymore.”


He could tell that his woman was in a bad mood.

“Who offended you?” Ryan began to reflect on his actions carefully.

“No one.” Upon realizing that she sounded too harsh, she let out a sigh. “My brother is going to get married. I tried to advise him out of the goodness of my heart-“

“What? Your brother is going to get married? To who?” Ryan was shocked. He had not heard that Forrest had a girlfriend.

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