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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2455

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2455

“I’ll talk to Jerry in two days.”

Jerry Lynch was Forrest’s father.

Mr. Childs thought it was best for the elders to discuss the matter.


The incident that happened during Forrest’s inspection soon reached Jerry’s ears.

As soon as Jerry got to the office, he called Forrest over. “You need to rectify the situation in the factory. Luckily, no one was k****d this time. By the way, is your assistant fine?”

“She has fractures,” Forrest roughly described Stacey’s condition.

Jerry was lost in thought. “I didn’t expect Stacey to be Andrew Childs’ daughter. Why did she come to Lynch Corporation to be your assistant instead of working in her family’s investment company?”

“I’m not sure. She probably wants to hone her skills,” Forrest said indifferently. “However, Stacey can endure hardships and criticisms working under me. She has never pulled rank, and when it comes to duties, she’s very capable.”

Jerry knew his son’s temper very well. Forrest was not bothered about looks. As long as they were incapable, he would kick them out.

Given that Stacey had worked for Forrest for so long, it meant she was capable.

“She used to study overseas anyway. If she can’t even deal with it, ithose years of studying would be a waste.” Jerry frowned. “Since she’s the Childs family’s daughter, you can come with me to visit her in the hospital tomorrow.”

That night, when Mrs. Lynch heard that something nearly happened to her son, she suggested visiting Stacey the next day. After all, Stacey had saved Forrest. Mrs. Lynch felt the need to thank Stacey.

The next day, the Lynch family went to the ward with some gifts.

The moment Mrs. Childs saw Mrs. Lynch, she started complaining, “My daughter was in so much pain that she didn’t sleep the whole night yesterday. Alas, how unfortunate.”

Mrs. Lynch glanced at the young woman on the bed who was in her 20s. The woman’s pretty face looked pale, and Mrs. Lynch sighed. “I’m sorry, but don’t worry. Since your daughter only ended up like this because of my son, we’ll definitely bear the responsibility.”

“Sigh. My husband and I have spent one night thinking about it. In fact, you don’t have to compensate us. We’re not concerned about the compensation, and we’re not desperate for money either. Considering that our daughter’s legs are so badly injured, we were wondering whether a man could bear to see the scars on her legs. I’ve asked the doctor, and he said the scars will take some time to heal even through laser surgery.”

Mrs. Childs sighed as she spoke.

Having lived for years, the smart Mr. Lynch and Mrs. Lynch soon grasped the Childs family’s meaning.

The Childs family meant that Forrest should be responsible for Stacey.

For a man, the way of being responsible for a woman was none other than marrying her.

Jerry kept silent as he mused over it.

Stacey came from a high-born family. From her conscientiousness in Lynch Corporation, one could tell that she was not the sort of young lady who was finicky.

Besides that, she had a pretty face.

With the Childs family’s condition, they were considered a wealthy family from the upper class in Canberra. The Childs family might not be able to compare with the Hill and the Jewell families, and things had been going downhill for them in recent years, but they were still well-connected and had quite a background.

If the Childs family and the Lynch family could be related by marriage, the Lynches would be able to do better in Canberra.

It would be considered a well-matched marriage. No one family put the other in the shade.

Nevertheless, Jerry recalled running into Mr. Childs, who acted indifferently during an event he attended when he came to Canberra not long ago.

He was afraid that if his daughter had not been in a relationship with Ryan, a local like the Childs family would not have been interested in Forrest.

Upon realizing that Mr. Lynch and Mrs. Lynch had been quiet for a while, Stacey became nervous and awkward. “Mom, why are you saying these things? Since I work in Lynch Corporation, it’s my duty to save President Lynch. Even if that person weren’t President Lynch, I would’ve saved him as well.”

“Fine. Do you think I don’t know what’s on your mind?” Mrs. Childs sighed. “Chairman Lynch, I’ll just be frank with you at this point. My daughter saw your son from afar earlier in a banquet, and she fell in love with him at first sight. That was why she went to work in Lynch Corporation instead of our company.”

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