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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2452

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2452

According to Forrest’s employees, their young president was an expressionless person.

However, so what if he was expressionless? He was undeniably good-looking.

At 11:00 a.m.

Forrest arrived at Canberra Industrial Park.

This was the production factory that Lynch Corporation had spent a huge amount of money building. Lynch Corporation focused on the production of automotive glass and industrial glass.

Lynch Corporation was relocated to Canberra, and behind their factory was an airport. There was a huge port a few kilometers away. Due to its efficient transport system, Lynch Corporation had gained popularity in other countries within a few months.

However, Lynch Corporation did not choose to be listed. It had been developing steadily under Forrest’s lead.

“President Lynch, this is our latest batch of laminated glass.”

The person in charge of the industrial park, Manager Woodward, brought Forrest and a few other people to the factory. There were quite a number of newly produced glass inside. “Compared to last year’s laminated glass, the new batch is not only safer and stronger, but it also has made a breakthrough in cutting off sound waves. I guarantee that this is certainly the best price for such glass on the market.

“Give it a try.”

Forrest gave the order nonchalantly.

An employee soon brought a hammer over and struck the glass. Only after six to seven strikes did a crack appear on the glass.

Stacey was dumbfounded. “Last time, the glass broke only after four strikes.”

Forrest nodded. “Try and break the glass.”

After the employee broke the glass, Forrest bent over to inspect the shards.

If the glass shards hurt one’s hands, it would mean that the glass was not good enough.

“President Lynch, do you need me to do this?” Stacey was uneasy.

“No worries. The glass is good. It’s very smooth.” Forrest touched the glass shards as he pondered.

A few employees from the factory carried several panes of glass over from the entrance.

They put the glass on the side and soon left.

There were already many panes of glass. Now that several more panes were added and they were not placed properly to begin with, the glass panes suddenly fell on Forrest, who was squatting.

“President Lynch, be careful!”

Stacey was shocked. She promptly rushed forward to push Forrest away. The glass then fell onto her. When more than ten panes of glass suddenly fell, the shards cut into Stacey’s skin.

“Ah!” Stacey screamed in pain.

Forrest’s expression shifted. He hurriedly had someone call the ambulance. Then, he extracted the shards from Stacey’s skin together with the manager and other employees.

After over ten minutes, the ambulance arrived. The medical staff carried Stacey, who was covered with blood, into the car.

Forrest and Manager Woodward went along.

During the journey, Forrest’s handsome face was icy, causing Manager Woodward to feel extremely chilly. “President… Lynch, I’m sorry. My subordinates were too careless. I’ll fire them when I get back.”

“Weren’t those laminated glass?” Forrest asked sternly.

“They… They were just ordinary glass,” Manager Woodward said with a low voice, “They haven’t been processed.”

“You had the unprocessed glass and the newly produced laminated glass put together. What a great arrangement.”

Forrest’s voice was not loud but cold and sharp. Those who were familiar with him knew his temper very well. When he was mad, he would not shout. Nevertheless, those who had offended him would suffer terrible consequences.

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