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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2447

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2447

In the evening.

At the Lynch family’s villa.

When Freya’s car entered the parking lot, she immediately saw Ryan’s black Audi that was parked there too.

She was stunned and quickly went into the house. She found Ryan in the living room playing with Dani. Dani was giggling.

“Why… Why are you here?” Freya was puzzled. They were glued to each other for the entire morning. She never heard him mentioning anything when he drove her to work in the afternoon.

“Mrs. Lynch told me to come. I also came because I missed Dani.”

Ryan tickled Dani’s chin with a smile as he spoke.

Usually, Dani would stretch her hand to be carried when she saw that her mom had returned. On that day, her attention was entirely focused on Ryan. She did not notice her mom at all.

Freya felt slightly jealous and pinched Dani’s small face. “You ungrateful kid. Don’t you miss Mom?”


Dani suddenly spoke to Freya.

Freya was stunned. It was the first time Dani addressed her. She urged excitedly, “Dani, say ‘Mama’ again, okay? Call me again.”

Dani blinked her big, bright eyes. She turned her head away and ignored Freya all of a sudden.

Freya was a little disappointed. Ryan consoled her, saying, “Don’t be hasty. Dani’s still young. It’s good enough that she said it once.”

“You’re right. I’ll go tell my mom about this.”

Freya left them and went to the kitchen to look for Mrs. Lynch. “Mom, Dani called me ‘Mama’ just now.”

“Dani has been babbling lately. She’s definitely an early talker.” Mrs. Lynch took a glance outside while washing the vegetables. “Ryan came to accompany Dani early in the evening. I’ve observed him for a long time. He has quite the patience.”

Hearing her boyfriend being praised, Freya was in a good mood. However, she said, “Mom, why did you call him over?”

Mrs. Lynch glanced at her daughter. “It’s to prevent you from always going to his place and not even coming back at night.”

Freya’s face heated up when she remembered how she had lied to her mom yesterday. Her legs were still sore. She and Ryan had been too intense from yesterday until today.

“Mom, don’t call him over too frequently. He has an exam next month. He needs to revise.” Freya advised her mom. “He’ll go to university to do his Ph.D. after passing the exam.”

“He’s a hard-working man. It’s better to study more.”

Mrs. Lynch listened to Freya’s advice.

When it was almost mealtime, Forrest and Mr. Lynch returned from the company.

When they sat at the round table and started eating, Mrs. Lynch glanced at Ryan and Dani, who were both beside Freya. Although Ryan and Freya had not gotten married yet, they looked like a family of three. Ryan was very patient too. The scene was truly pleasing to the eye.

When Mrs. Lynch turned her gaze to Forrest, who was having his meal in silence, her expression darkened. She suddenly asked, “Forrest, answer me truthfully. Do you not like women?”


Forrest almost choked on his food. He only recovered after coughing several times. The cold outline of his face twitched.

Freya almost burst out in laughter. “That’s right, Brother. Our family is open-minded. If you like men, you can say it out boldly. I can introduce an excellent young man to you.”

Mr. Lynch let out a harrumph. “You’re mistaken. Your parents aren’t such open-minded people. I only have one son. I’m still counting on him to carry on the family line.”

“It’s easy to carry on the family line. It’s enough as long as Brother contributes his sperm,” Freya teased.

Forrest’s cold gaze swept across Freya as he gave her a warning. “Don’t talk nonsense.”

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