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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2446

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2446

“Ahem. Mom, about this… The one who’s at a disadvantage is Ryan,” Freya whispered. “If someone has to be worried, it’d be his mom.”


Listening to such shameless words, what could Mrs. Lynch still say?

However… thinking about it, Freya’s words did make some sense.

“Are you two really going to live together?” Mrs. Lynch asked after she calmed down.

“No. Ryan just moved out of the official residence. We haven’t spent time with just the two of us for so long…” Freya said sheepishly. “I’ll still live at home. Sometimes, keeping a distance is a good thing.”

“Fair enough. I won’t agree with you two living together before getting married,” Mrs. Lynch said furiously. “But you’d better be careful. Don’t get pregnant before marriage.”

“I know.”

After hanging up, Freya’s face was burning.

She felt so ashamed.

“Babe, come and have breakfast.”

Ryan pushed the door open all of a sudden. He was wearing off-white casual clothes. There was a warm, doting smile on his face. “I made pancakes for you.”

Freya recalled saying she wanted to have pancakes when they were shopping at the supermarket last night.

She wanted to buy a pancake mix, but Ryan felt those were not very good. In the end, they bought flour and baking powder.

The feeling of being able to wake up and enjoy the breakfast her boyfriend made was sweet.

“I don’t want to move.”

Freya acted unreasonably and kicked her blanket while looking weak all over. “It’s all your fault. I’m so tired.”

It would be fine if she did not mention it. However, once she spoke of it, Ryan recalled her charming appearance from last night. His throat itched. He could not resist going over to kiss her little mouth.

“Enough, Ryan. Will you give it a rest?” Freya kicked him. She pretended to be furious and said, “We were photographed when we went shopping last night. Everyone knows that I spent the night at your place now. I was even scolded by my mom. This is too embarrassing.”

“They can take all the photos they want. We didn’t do anything shady anyway.” Ryan did not care about it at all and kissed her. “You were the one who lied. You can’t blame me.”

“Who should I blame if not you? Anyway, it’s all your fault.” It was as if Freya had become an unreasonable woman. She punched and hit his chest. “I’m becoming a laughing stock.”

“Who laughed at you? They should be envious.”

Ryan lifted Freya. “It seems like my princess is angry. Allow me to assist you with brushing your teeth this morning.”

After entering the bathroom, Ryan really did brush her teeth for her.

The mirror reflected their figures that clung to each other. The man behind had a dashing gaze, while the woman was beautiful. Although her expression was angry, there was happiness in her eyes.

That scene made Freya dazed for a moment.

After washing up, Ryan carried her outside to have breakfast.

When she sat down, she said awkwardly, “Stop carrying me around. I’m not Dani.”

“But what if I want to hug you?” Ryan stared at Freya with a heated gaze.

She gave him an embarrassed sideways glance. “Didn’t you hug me enough last night?”

“It wasn’t enough.” Ryan smiled.

Freya lowered her head shyly and ate the pancakes.

The pancakes Ryan made were light and fluffy.

After having their fill, they were not in a hurry to go to work.

Ryan sat on the sofa with Freya in his arms and trimmed her nails.

Freya’s gaze landed on a book on the coffee table. She asked, “When are you having the exam?”

“Next month,” Ryan said as he smiled. “After I pass the exam, I’ll have to go to classes.”

“Will there be many pretty women at school?” Freya suddenly warned him, saying, “If you do anything to wrong me, you’re done for.”

“I wouldn’t dare.” Ryan quickly finished trimming her nails and pulled her into his embrace. “I’m already drained from serving you alone. How can I afford to have other women?”

“Ryan, you have a d***h wish.”

Freya pounced on Ryan out of embarrassment. He fell back onto the sofa.

Ryan held her waist and pulled her to him. She fell on his chest in an instant.

He chuckled and raised his head to kiss her. Then, he flipped over and restrained her beneath him again.

“Ryan, why are you… Mmmh.”

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