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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2445

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2445

Freya was tired. She did not want to move, and she did not think of looking for Ryan.

She knew that he would surely still be in the house.

She was just unsure what time it was.

Freya got up and found her phone. When she looked at the time, she was surprised.

It was already 9:00 a.m.

She had missed the time to go to work and was late. Oh no.

Freya dialed Catherine’s number. “Dear President Jones, I’m sorry. I have some matters that cropped up a t the last minute, so I’m taking the morning off.”

“It’s okay. I had already predicted that you might be too tired to get out of bed.” Catherine’s laughing voice rang out. “Not just me, but everyone in the company should be able to understand.”

“…What do you mean?” Freya had a bad feeling.

“Looks like you were too tired and just woke up,” Catherine said softly. “Haven’t you seen this morning’s entertainment news? You and Ryan shopping for household items to live together have made it to the trending topics.”


Freya’s head buzzed. “We… We’re not living together.”

“Why did you buy so many things if you two aren’t living together?” Catherine smiled. “Even if you two aren’t, you must’ve spent the night. Ryan has most probably gone without s*x for a long time. Did he tire you out last night? Are you sure you can come over in the afternoon?”

“Catherine, you’re really a pervert.”

Freya desperately wished to suffocate herself to d***h. “Why am I on the trending topics again? I’m not even a celebrity.”

“Oh, please. You’re dating the prime minister’s son. That gets more attention than a celebrity, okay? Moreover, you’re known by all citizens now.” Catherine was enjoying herself. “You’ve been in the limelight lately. I’d suggest you wear a mask when you go out. Ah, I’ll have to bring down the trending topics for you again. It requires a lot of money. Remember to transfer the money over.”

After hanging up, Freya secretly tapped on the news. [Ryan and Freya Lovingly Buying Household Items. Their Sweet Day Leaves People Envious.]

Passersby had taken photos of her and Ryan shopping at the mall last night.

In the photos, her arm was looped in Ryan’s arm. In some other photos, their hands were interlocked. There were even a few photos of her pinching Ryan’s waist. Anyway, they were either flirting or sharing sweet interactions with each other.

The reporter even wrote that they were most probably purchasing household items. They did not just buy pajamas but also a change of clothes and daily necessities.

Freya covered her face.

She desperately wished to dig a hole and hide in it.

Many photos of them were taken last night, but why did she not notice it at all?

After feeling frustrated for a while, she got up again and read the netizens’ comments.

[Ohhhh, even singles feel like dating now.]

[Ahhhh, I went to that mall yesterday too. My friend even pointed out that the guy was handsome and the girl was gorgeous. They made a beautiful sight. However, I didn’t recognize them at that time. Too bad. I would’ve gone up to get a signature.]

[I saw them too. Ryan was queuing when we were getting ice cream. He dotes on his girlfriend a lot. Freya is beautiful too. A young man hit on her when she was sitting at the side. However, she was very polite. Ryan rejected the man politely in his girlfriend’s stead too. Both of them have good personalities.]

[Haha. I didn’t think Freya and Ryan would buy this pair of affordable sports shoes. I have the same sports shoes as the prime minister’s son.]

[Single men, look at how Ryan accompanied his girlfriend shopping. He didn’t complain about feeling tired and even helped carry all those things. That’s why you guys are still single.]

[Reporters, please take more photos. I want to see Ryan and Freya showing more of their love life. I like it so much.]


Freya read the comments with great interest.

She was embarrassed at first, but she suddenly found it sweet afterward.

It was fine even if their photos were taken. She and Ryan were dating openly now anyway.

Just as she was deep in thought, Mrs. Lynch’s call came in.

Freya’s face stiffened. Oh no. How did she forget about that?

A few seconds later, she picked up the call fearfully. “Mom…”

“Oh, our great Ms. Lynch has finished working extra hours after staying up all night, huh? Isn’t your new product about to launch in the market? Did it tire you out?” Mrs. Lynch’s sarcastic tone rang out.


Freya wanted to slam herself against a wall and d*e.

“Why aren’t you talking?” Mrs. Lynch mocked. “Freya Lynch, you’re pretty capable, huh? You even lied to me about working overtime. In truth, you were spending the night with a man. The whole world knows about it, and your parents were the last ones to find out.”

Freya muttered in a low voice, “I… I was afraid you wouldn’t give your permission.”

“Of course, I wouldn’t. A woman should be more demure!” Mrs. Lynch said angrily.

“Mom, I was married once. I even have a child,” Freya stammered. “So I don’t have to be that demure, right?”

“You…” Mrs. Lynch almost died from anger. However, there was nothing she could do. “You can’t let men think you’re easily obtainable. Do you know that?”

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