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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2444

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2444

Freya warned with a harrumph. “By the way, I still have to go to the supermarket to buy some food.”

“Before that, can I place the things in the car?” Ryan asked nervously.


At 10:00 p.m., Ryan drove his car that was filled with newly-bought items.

After Freya entered the house, Ryan was still moving the things into the elevator.

There was no helping it. There was just too much stuff.

Freya turned on the living room lights. Nothing much had changed. However, many things had been added to the study and master bedroom. The fridge was also filled with ingredients like milk, eggs, and meat.

It was obvious that her boyfriend was good at living his life.

“Boss, are you satisfied?” Ryan found it funny. Freya immediately started looking around after she entered, looking exactly like a boss.

“It’s acceptable.”

After Freya spoke, her slender body was lifted in a princess style. She was brought to the bedroom.

She exclaimed and started struggling, “Put me down, Ryan.”


The man had already been suppressing himself for a long time. He could no longer hold it in.

Ryan placed Freya on the bed and started taking his shirt off.

Looking at his revealed pectoral muscles, Freya’s cute face flushed red. “Wait, let me bathe first, okay?”

“Bathe later.” Ryan bent over and kissed her. His voice was hoarse and seductive. “It’s not like we haven’t done this before.”

“No. I want to bathe. I want to bathe first.” Freya insisted.

Ryan’s body halted. He gazed at her silently for some time. “Okay. Let’s do it together.”

After he spoke, he carried Freya to the bathroom.

Freya was stunned.

“I… I don’t want to,” she exclaimed.

“No. I’ve already compromised once. I won’t compromise a second time.”

Ryan closed the door with the sole of his foot.

Soon, a woman’s soft voice could be heard from inside.

After coming out of the bathroom, Freya’s dewy face looked great as if she had applied rouge. Her bright eyes were delicately pretty. They could make a person’s body go limp with just a glance.

After Ryan blew her hair dry with a hairdryer, he urgently removed the plug and gave Freya a hard, penetrating kiss.

After making their relationship public, it felt as if the shackles on their bodies were removed.

They did not have to worry about getting scolded by the public and whether their parents would give their permission.

It was the first time Freya felt so carefree after being with Ryan for so long.

She no longer had to worry about being discovered.

She could finally enjoy the relationship.

Maybe because their mindset changed, they were more passionate than usual.

They stayed together for a long time on this night.

The next day, Freya felt as though a car had run over her body when she woke up.

Every inch of her body was sore.

However, the satisfaction and sweetness she felt were indescribable.

When she turned over, Ryan’s side of the bed was empty.

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