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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2443

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2443

Ryan gazed at Freya’s smiling expression. He felt as though the sweetness of the ice cream in his mouth had traveled to the bottom of his heart.

The long-overdue love was wonderful.

In the past, he had worked hard and made an effort to mature himself in order to fulfill his parents’ wishes.

At that moment, he felt as if he had found a clear goal to work hard for.

Next, Freya and Ryan went inside the mall to buy shoes.

Freya needed a pair of running shoes. After getting shoes, she needed to get a training outfit too.

Exercising was essential for women to maintain a youthful, pretty figure. Although her enthusiasm was mostly short-lived, she still had to have complete equipment.

After picking things out for herself, she picked a matching pair for Ryan.

There were quite a few bags in Ryan’s hands when they exited the store. He suggested, “You’ll be sleeping at my place tonight. Do you want to buy a set of pajamas and a change of clothes for tomorrow morning?”

Freya agreed. Later, she remembered she had not informed her parents that she would not be returning tonight.

After thinking about it, she called Mrs. Lynch. “Mom, my new product is launching soon. I’ll be working extra hours with my colleagues tonight, so I won’t be going home. Please put Dani to bed for me.”

Upon hearing that, Mrs. Lynch said worriedly, “Remember to rest at night. Don’t overwork yourself.”

“There’s a sofa in the laboratory. I’ll take a nap.”

Freya’s words sounded very convincing. After hanging up, Ryan gave her a profound look as he stood at the side. “Freya, you’re pretty good at lying, huh?”

“Who am I doing it for?” Freya blushed and pinched Ryan’s body. “I lied to my mom for the first time for you.”


Hah. Sometimes, it was enough to just listen to a woman’s words. There was no need to take their words seriously.

There was laughter within Ryan’s eyes. “I like this lie of yours. Come on. Let’s get you a set of makeup to have everything prepared. You can think about what other things you’ll need at my place.”

Freya still lacked many items.

She had gone to his place a few times before but never spent the night.

She had to buy clothes, shoes, skincare products, makeup, body lotion, and shampoo of the brand she frequently used. She even had to get the panties and bras she liked.

Ryan glanced at his phone. Unknowingly, he had walked more than 10,000 steps that day.

His long legs were sore. His hands were also aching from carrying more than ten shopping bags.

However, looking at Freya shopping so excitedly, he was more than willing to cooperate. The more she bought, the better. That way, she might stay at his place more often in the future.

“Ryan, am I buying too many things?” Freya tried to put her arm around Ryan’s, but she suddenly noticed that he had too many things in his hands. She could not hold his arm at all. “Is it possible that I’m spending all your money?”

She was done for.

Would Ryan think of her as a wasteful person?

He might be scared away even before they got married.

“Do I look that poor?” Ryan asked as he found it funny.

“No, but my expenditure is on the higher side. Everything I buy is expensive. You aren’t working now…” Freya paused. “I should’ve paid for everything myself.”

“You’re spending the night at my place. Am I still a responsible boyfriend if I let you pay for the things you lack?”

Ryan smiled and said, “Don’t worry. Although I’m not as rich as you are, there have been many rich people around me since I was young. I invested in quite a few projects with my childhood friends and alumni. The earnings aren’t less than your company’s.”

Freya’s eyes widened. “How… I never heard you mention this before. You always pretended to be poor in front of me.”

“If I don’t act like I’m poor, you’ll think you’re even more undeserving of me.” Ryan sighed. “Who told you to keep thinking that I only have good qualities and emphasizing the fact that I’ve never gotten married before? This is the frustration of having excellent qualities. You’ll never understand this.”


That boastful tone… Only Ryan could do that.

Freya gritted her teeth and pinched him a few times.

Ryan could not dodge as he had things in his hands. He realized that she liked to pinch people when she was unhappy. Luckily, she did not pinch too strongly, and her angry expression was oddly adorable.

“You should come clean about what projects you’ve invested in when we get back.”

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