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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2440

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2440

“It’s still early. Both of you can go on a date,” Professor Xavier said with a grin. “Freya, your boyfriend is wonderful. Please bring him over to my place for a meal next time.”

Freya secretly sighed. Aside from work, not many could mingle with 50-year-old Professor Xavier, but Ryan was an exception.

After seeing everyone off, Freya harrumphed and jogged the man beside her with her elbow. “Not bad. All the women are fond of you, including my 20-year-old assistant and a 50-year-old woman. Ryan, you have quite the skill.”

“It’s because they’re your colleagues.” Ryan wrapped his hand around her waist intimately. “I’m usually quite aloof in social functions, but I acted that way today for your sake. Anyway, your colleagues are pretty nice. Those who deal with research aren’t so scheming.”

“That’s because I didn’t invite those ones for dinner.” Freya leaned in his arms and snorted. “You’ve saved quite a few young women’s numbers today, but you’re not allowed to chat with them.”

Ryan turned Freya around with a smile. “I saved their numbers all because of you. In case I can’t reach you, I can ask your colleagues about you. Or when I need to propose to you or celebrate your birthday in the future, I can seek help from them.”

“You’ve thought quite far ahead, huh?”

Undeniably, as his girlfriend, Freya was pleased by how caring Ryan was toward her. He had also made her look good tonight.

“As for me, I usually play it by ear.”

Ryan took out his phone and glanced at the time. “It’s only 7:30 p.m. now. Do you want me to shop with you, or should we watch a movie?”

Freya browsed through the movie app and noticed that there were hardly any new movies recently. At last, she decided to shop around.

When they got in the car, Ryan bent over to press his body on Freya’s and gave her a passionate kiss before they could fasten the seat belts.

Indeed, it had been a long time since the two of them kissed.

When they kissed in the Lynch family’s villa the other day, they did not kiss intently as they were afraid of being caught by Mr. Lynch and Mrs. Lynch.

With only the two of them in the car right now, Ryan did not hold back.

After a few minutes of kissing, Freya got so worried that she could not take it anymore. “Wait a minute. Someone is coming…”

Although other people could not see what was happening in the car due to the reflective film on the windows, it was visible from the windscreen.

After all, Freya was considered a public figure now, and she did not want her kiss with Ryan to appear on the trending searches the next day. Otherwise, she would certainly be so embarrassed.

“You’re not focused. It seems like I need to try harder.”

Ryan kissed her lips even more firmly as if he was punishing her. He did not leave his hands idle too. Only until the kissing left them both breathless did he let go of his hands.

However, he pressed his body against hers reluctantly. “Come and spend the night at my place, okay?”

The man’s desperate gaze made Freya’s heart pound, and her face was flushed red. She really did miss him, but…

“That’s not a good idea. If I don’t return home, my parents will definitely know that I’m at your place… They won’t agree with it. What’s more, I need to be with Dani at night.”

“It’s just one night. You can get your mom to look after Dani.” Ryan caressed her ear unhappily while persuading her, “Try and give your parents a call. What if they agree? If you feel too shy to say it, you can lie to them by saying that you have to work overtime.”

“You even want me to lie? How can you be so despicable?” Freya thumped his chest in a huff.

Ryan gripped her hand and forced a smile. “Think about how long we haven’t spent the night together. I’ve put in a lot of effort to fight for the chance to move out, but if you refuse, I can’t force you either. I’ll just sleep over at your place.”

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