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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2438

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2438

“Alright. I’ll ask Ryan and see when he’s available to treat everyone to a meal.”

Freya graciously agreed.

Previously, a few of her colleagues had suggested having her boyfriend treat them to a meal, but Freya’s relationship was not yet made public. Now that it was public, she surely had to bring her boyfriend along.

Besides that, Freya was missing Ryan a little.

Amid her thoughts, Ryan’s call came through.

“Darling, I miss you.”

His soft voice made Freya’s heart melt.

“What a coincidence! I miss you too. I was just about to call you.” Freya walked over to the balcony with her phone.

“This is called telepathy,” Ryan said with a grin. “Since I’ve moved out, do you want to come over to my place for dinner after work? I can cook for you.”

“It happens that my colleagues have been asking me to have you treat them to a meal.” Freya’s mouth twitched. “I’ve been to my colleagues’ places for meals a few times. It’s time you treated them to a meal.”

“In that case… I have to do it. I’ll book a private room tonight.” Ryan promptly said, “I’ll book one near your office so that it’s convenient for everyone. How many people will be coming?”

“I don’t plan to invite Cathy and the rest. Just those in the lab… Seven to eight colleagues.”

“Alright. We’ll go for karaoke after dinner.”

Soon after, Ryan sent her the address of the restaurant.

Freya shared it with her laboratory colleagues in their WhatsApp group.

By the time Freya and her colleagues headed over to the restaurant together after work, Ryan was already there. He was standing at the entrance of the restaurant, dressed in a pair of light blue jeans and a black sweater with a white T-shirt underneath. The buttons were left undone.

Freya had not seen him for two days, and he had cut his hair short. Under his short hair were a nice forehead and a pair of bright eyes.

Freya darted a glance at Ryan. Before she could scream, her assistant, Elena Shanks, who was two years her junior, shrilled beside her ear.

“Oh my gosh! Miss Lynch, there’s a handsome man standing there. He’s like a cute puppy. Oh no, my heart is racing so madly that I’m almost breathless.”


Freya blinked and followed Elena’s gaze. Her eyes then rested on Ryan.

‘Ahem. So Ryan is the man whom Elena was referring to.’


‘Acute puppy?;

She nearly cracked up.

However, she had to admit that Ryan started dressing even younger after he stopped working for the government.

In particular, he looked less mature, and his face seemed more childish after he had his hair cut short.

As a woman, Freya was rather proud of him.

After all, those women found her boyfriend handsome…

“You’re here.” As soon as Ryan saw Freya, his lips curled into a grin, and he strode toward her.

“I’ve ordered the dishes.”

As he was speaking, he draped his arm across Freya’s shoulders spontaneously.

The colleagues behind Freya were astonished, let alone Elena.

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