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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2434

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2434

“We’ve never thought of k*g you,” Ryan said indifferently.

Upon hearing that, Rodney relaxed.

After all, he did not want to d*e.

“I didn’t know you fear d***h so much.”‘ Ryan saw it and mocked him. “I thought you were very bold.”

Embarrassed, Rodney’s whole body trembled. “I don’t fear d**h. I just don’t want to de in your hands for no reason. Ryan, aren’t you righteous and fair? Now that it has come to this, you should send me to the police station instead of abusing your power here.”

Ryan had thought it over.

Rodney’s crime would only involve smearing the executive council’s reputation. Given that all he had done was make nasty remarks on the Internet, he would only be locked up in the police station for a few months.

Ryan rubbed his brows. “Rodney, we didn’t have to come this far. You shouldn’t have incited Minister O’Connell to look for other forces out there.”

Rodney was shocked, and he wondered how Ryan learned of it.

“Ryan, don’t accuse me. I don’t know what you’re saying.” No matter how silly Rodney was, he was under no illusions that he must not admit to doing it. However, he had no idea how Ryan found out.

Did Minister O’Connell say it himself?

Minister O’Connell was the Snows’ ultimate nemesis, was he not?

“Minister O’Connell said it,” Jessica said weakly.

“Are you guys out of your mind? Minister O’Connell is the Snows’ ultimate nemesis. You believe whatever he says but not mine?” Having been triggered, Rodney roared, “He’s trying to tear us apart so that my dad and Second Uncle will hold a grudge against each other. It’s all his plot.”

Ryan remained expressionless. “I’ve confronted Minister O’Connell in private a few times. Despite wanting to compete for the prime minister position very badly, he has his boundaries. Some other forces out there have approached him a few times, but he has always turned them down and shut his door. No matter how much he and my dad go head-to-head, he certainly is not one to infringe the citizens’ rights. By inciting him to approach the other forces, you’ve crossed his boundaries. Even if you destroy my dad’s reputation, Minister O’Connell will not let you off.”

Rodney was startled.

Then, he looked down guiltily.

Indeed, he did not know Minister O’Connell well enough. He should not have looked for Minister O’Connell first earlier.

“Rodney, since you have the guts to do it, why is it so hard for you to admit it?” Jessica hoped that he would come clean and admit his wrongdoings. “You used to take responsibility for what you do, but why don’t you have the courage to do it now? Since you fear d***h so much, why are you constantly stirring up trouble?”

Rodney’s temples began to twitch. Jessica’s words were like a slap on his face. It hurt and made him feel ashamed.

Finally, he raised his head, no longer hiding the hatred in his gaze. “Yes, it was my doing, but so what? Growing up in the Snow family, I was taught to do whatever it takes. Back then, I was too foolish to do that. But now that I’ve done it, why are you guys telling me off instead?”

“We won’t tell you off because you’re already hopeless.”

Ryan shook his head composedly. “The Snow family didn’t teach you to be unscrupulous either. No matter how you do it, you have to stick to your moral compass. Rodney, let me guess. Are you trying to compromise for the time being so that your parents will send you abroad for you to start your life afresh? On the surface, you act as if you’ve given up, but in fact, you’ll approach the other forces to betray the Snow family and even Australia.”

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