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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2430

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2430

After Ryan fell into a deep sleep, Freya tiptoed out of the guest room.

Forrest and Mr. Lynch gave her a profound glance. Her face blushed instinctively. She explained, “I came out after waiting for him to fall asleep.”


Mr. Lynch simply nodded and did not say anything.

On the other hand, Forrest suddenly spoke, “I have no opinions about you two dating each other, but you should be careful. Don’t get pregnant before getting married again. You should’ve learned your lesson after having gone through it once.”

“…Brother, I know that myself even without you telling me.”

Freya rolled her eyes at Forrest out of anger and embarrassment. After that, she went to the playroom to play with Dani.

An hour later.

Ryan woke up just in time for dinner.

After sleeping, he felt much better.

Dani was especially excited when she saw him and kept wanting him to carry her.

Ryan carried the baby in one hand and ate with the other hand. Dani blinked her eyes and stared at him eating while drooling.

Upon seeing that, Ryan quickly took a banana and fed Dani in small bites with a spoon.

“Pass her to the nanny and eat first,” Mrs. Lynch said.

“It’s okay. Dani hasn’t seen me in a long time. She might cry if I let her go.”

Ryan was pretty content with the situation. Besides, he found it exceptionally fulfilling to see the cute baby eating the food he fed her.

After the meal, Ryan brought Dani to the playroom to play. Dani liked to crawl. She kept crawling all over him.

Freya brought a plate of fruits in and saw Dani sitting on Ryan’s stomach. He held both of her tiny hands and coaxed softly, “Good girl. Call me ‘Dad’.”

“Ah ah…” Dani started babbling in her babyish, slurred voice.


“Wawa… Wawa.”

Even after Ryan said that word countless times, Dani did not say the word he wanted to hear most. When he raised his head, he saw Freya standing at the door.

Even though he was usually shameless, his handsome face still heated up.

“Dad?” Freya walked in with a vague smile. She let out a tsk and said, “I don’t think we’re married yet.”

Ryan coughed out of embarrassment. “If you’re willing to get married, I can do it anytime.”

“In your dreams.” Freya harrumphed and rolled her eyes at him. “I finally managed to get a divorce. I don’t want to step into another grave so quickly.”

“Babe, it won’t be a grave with me. It’ll be a villa.” Ryan sat up and dragged Freya into his embrace.

He hugged Freya on the left side of his chest while carrying Dani on the other side.

At that moment, he had a sense of indescribable satisfaction.

Freya leaned on his chest and did not say a word.

She loved Ryan a lot, but her first marriage had left too big an impact on her. She did not want to get married again too quickly.

She and Ryan were in love, but marriage was not that simple. They still had many areas that they had to work on.

“I’ll wait for you regardless.” Ryan lowered his head and kissed the top of her hair. “Don’t doubt me. I’ve never thought of breaking up with you from the day we started dating. I’ve treated Dani as my biological daughter since a long time ago. Besides, Dani will truly understand the meaning of ‘Dad’ as she slowly grows up.”

Freya was taken aback. She raised her head and gazed at his dark, clear eyes. “What do you mean?”

“In the future, I want to teach Dani that I’m her dad,” Ryan said seriously. “Freya, from today onward, let’s just date for two years more at most. By that time, Dani will have to go to preschool. Do you get what I mean? She needs a father. Two years are more than enough for you to properly consider whether I can be a qualified husband. It’s also enough time for you to have fun.”

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