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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2250

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2250

“Mm.” Ryan nodded. “When Freya learned that you guys took Dani away, she didn’t urge me to take any action either. Instead, she was concerned that you guys wouldn’t be able to manage Dani, so she promptly asked Aunty Loretta to come over.”

After Aunty Loretta, who was standing at the side, heard it, a trace of surprise flashed across her eyes. She then chuckled. She could not help but admire Ryan.

Wendy and Jason looked a lot better now. They were not as unhappy as before.

“Freya should’ve told us this earlier,” Wendy said, “Since she’s not around, she should let us look after Dani.”

“She took into consideration the issue that once Rodney finds out about it, he’ll fight for Dani’s custody on the grounds that she’s away on a business trip.” Ryan sighed. “If you don’t believe it, let’s wait and see. When Rodney comes back, he’ll surely mention wanting to file a lawsuit.”

Wendy and Jason exchanged looks.

At that moment, many thoughts flashed across their minds.

They hesitated.

It was fine if Rodney wanted to obtain Dani’s custody, considering that Freya was too busy with work. By then, Wendy and Jason could take care of Dani. It was Jessica who managed Snow Corporation anyway. Jason was not really busy while Wendy wanted to be closer to her granddaughter.

Having long seen through the couple’s idea, Ryan just smiled without uttering a word.

Silence descended upon the living room for some time. Old Master Snow was the first to put his son and daughter-in-law’s thoughts into words. “If Freya is busy, you can leave Dani in the old residence. We have people taking care of her here.”

“Grandpa, this is what I previously thought as well, but I’m worried that Rodney will use this opportunity to keep Dani by his side.”

Ryan sighed glumly. “Let me show you guys something. Soon, you’ll see why Freya is worried.”

He tapped open his phone and played a video to show Old Master Snow.

Old Master Snow squinted his eyes, only to see a ferocious woman cutting open a cat’s stomach using a pair of scissors. That kitten was still alive, and it kept struggling in agony.

After Wendy and Jason leaned forward to glance at the video, Wendy was the first to scream in spite of herself. She turned around, searched for a trash can, and started throwing up.

Unable to bear with the brutal scene, Old Master Snow and Jason promptly turned off the phone. A look of incredulity washed over their faces.

At first glance, they could recognize from the woman’s face that it was Sarah.

Sarah had come to the old residence a few times recently. She often seemed weak and soft. The strong contrast in her behavior made Old Master Snow, who had seen the world, fly into a fury.

“That’s insane.”

Old Master Snow threw a glass on the spot. He pointed at Jason’s nose and criticized him, “Look how you’ve educated your wonderful son. He found such a cruel woman. No, calling this cruel is an understatement. It’s insane. It’s terrifying.”

Jason’s face paled. Evidently, it came as a blow to him.

Ryan laughed wryly. “There have been quite a number of cases of stray cats and dogs vanishing in thin air in Rodney’s neighborhood. It wasn’t a big issue, but someone informed the animal welfare society about it. Only after the welfare society got someone to investigate the matter did they find out about it. Fortunately, my friend secretly told me about it, so I spent some money to block the matter. If this reaches the ears of others, it’ll greatly affect the Snow family’s reputation.”

“You did the right thing.”

Old Master Snow nodded in praise. “This incident can’t be exposed. If it’s not dealt with properly, it’ll affect your dad and Snow Corporation.”

“This is terrifying.” After Wendy finished throwing up, her face was as pale as a sheet. “Why is Rodney so blind that he found such a woman? Is she even human?”

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