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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2249

Let me go, Mr. Hill Novel [By Shallow South] Chapter 2249

“Don’t say that. He’s now your boyfriend. It’s his duty to protect you.”

Catherine said in praise, “I was a bit worried when you got together with Ryan at first, but now I’m relieved. Even if the Snows find out about your relationship with him in the future, I believe a smart person like him can protect you well.”

“I think so too.”

Freya nodded in a daze.

Originally, she did not quite believe the promise Ryan made to her.

Regarding her relationship with Ryan, she was just planning to play it by ear.

At this point, she was gradually starting to believe in him.

Even if their relationship was made public in the future, she would not be too scared.

It was because Ryan would be there to protect her even if the sky fell.

It was Freya’s first time experiencing the feeling of being protected by a man.

Canberra, Australia.

After Ryan ended his call with Freya, he was not in a hurry to go to the Snow family’s old residence.

Instead, he arranged for Aunty Loretta to take Dani and some daily necessities there first.

He only drove to the old residence after he finished work and clocked out.

When he entered the residence, it was almost time for dinner. Wendy was playing with Dani while Aunty Loretta was assisting her. With Aunty Loretta’s presence, Dani would not cry. The quiet residence became lively because of that kid. Even Old Master Snow came out.

“Grandpa, Uncle Jason, Aunty Wendy.” Ryan greeted the few of them with a smile.

Old Master Snow nodded, but Wendy and Jason were sour-faced. The two of them looked unhappy, and the way they talked to him was not as enthusiastic as before.

“We’re a family. If you have anything to say, just say it. Don’t keep it to yourself.”

Old Master Snow spoke first, “Ryan, why didn’t you tell your uncle and aunt that Freya has gone overseas?”

“Was it Freya who didn’t allow you to tell us?” Wendy asked in dissatisfaction, “Is she afraid that we’ll snatch Dani away, so you helped her to hide it from us? Ryan, be clear about who your real family is. What’s more, are your uncle and I such despicable people? We’ve promised her not to snatch her child, so we won’t do it. Since she’s too busy to look after Dani, we’ll bring her to the old residence and just look after her for a few days.”

“Exactly.” Jason nodded. “I understand that Freya is wary of Sarah, so we’ve agreed not to let Rodney take Dani out alone when she comes to the old residence. We’ve also agreed for the sitter to come with Dani. We’ve already compromised a lot.”

“Calm down, Uncle Jason, Aunty Wendy.”

Ryan raised his hand. His handsome face remained gentle, which made Wendy and Jason feel sorry for speaking meanly to him.

“Aunty Wendy, Freya has never meant to be wary of you.”

Ryan explained in a soft tone, “Freya used to tell my parents that if she weren’t wary of Sarah, she wouldn’t mind Rodney picking Dani up and letting her stay here. She even hopes that Dani would be closer to her grandparents. You might not know this but the Lynch family once tried to force Freya to stay in Melbourne with Dani after she got divorced, but Freya disagreed as she knew it would be difficult for both of you to meet Dani if that happened. However, her parents were still concerned about her, so they had no choice but to compromise. That’s why they’re moving to Canberra this year. The renovation of their house is almost done.”

“Freya’s parents are planning to stay in Canberra?” Wendy was astonished.

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