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Let me go mr. hill chapter 2630

Let me go mr. hill chapter 2630

Chapter 2630

  ”Actually, I also understand.” Song Qingrui said, “People like us have lived on the pyramid since childhood, and we are born with a bunch of people around us who are flattering and flattering, but I always feel that all people are created equal.”

  ”Really, I don’t think so.” Ji Ziyuan’s attitude was lazy and sloppy.

  ”Mr. Ji, being too arrogant is not a good sign.” Song Qingrui reminded kindly.

  Ji Ziyuan smiled softly, obviously not agreeing.


  after a hearty badminton match.

  Ruan Yan went to the bathroom to wash her face.

  Zhou Mingli also came out of the men’s toilet on the other side and washed his hands.

  Both of them lowered their heads, he smiled softly, “It’s been a long time since I played like this with you, but your golf skills are not as good as you are now.”

  Ruan Yan didn’t look up, “Did you come here on purpose?”

  ”Accidentally . , Qing Rui said that her wife has a good friend who is single and wants to introduce it to me, I guess it is you.” Zhou Mingli whispered, “This is not very good, we can meet in the future.”

  Ruan Yan raised her head and looked at He, “It’s not good to be too close to me. I am a person who lives in the spotlight. You have a bright future. If you are too close to the entertainment industry, it will affect your future.”

  ”Xiaoxiao,” Zhou Mingli said softly. Sigh, “I just don’t want to see you being bruised all over, but I can only keep watching you in the dark.”

  Those two words made Ruan Yan tremble slightly.

  She hadn’t heard someone call her that for too long.

  And in this world, only Zhou Mingli knows her true identity.

  ”You’ve helped me a lot.” Ruan Yan lowered her eyes, “If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be able to find those excellent men at all, and I wouldn’t be able to do many things.”

  ”You said you wanted to take revenge yourself, I respect you.” Zhou Mingli asked complicatedly, “Then what are you going to do in the future, stay at Fanyu, Xiaoxiao, I don’t want you to continue entanglement with Ji Ziyuan, he will only hurt you.”

 ”Ming Li, although we have known each other since childhood, you know Ruan Yan better than me Ning Xiaoxiao.”

  She gave him a deep look, “Don’t get too close to me, I can only live in the dark for the rest of my life. In the dark place, and you are a shining star, you should go further and higher.”

  After speaking, she turned and left.

  Zhou Mingli looked at her back.

  Until Ji Ziyuan came over from the other side, he washed his hands and said in a low voice, “Major General Zhou, some women are best not to touch, women in the entertainment industry are far more complicated than you think.”

  ”As expected of President Ji, he already knew My identity.” Zhou Mingli’s eyes flashed with disgust.

  If it wasn’t for this man, how could Xiaoxiao have fallen to this point.

  ”It is rumored that the Presidential Palace has a special dark guard team, although there are only one hundred people, but the people inside were selected after the most brutal wars and elections. Those who can call Song Qingrui brothers and sisters must also be the leaders of the dark guard team.

  Ji Ziyuan stood up straight and his eyes met him, “I can’t find the kind of woman I want, do I need Ruan Yan?” After

  that, he left without looking back.

  Zhou Mingli clenched his fists tightly.

  Ji Ziyuan, a cool man like you doesn’t understand how good that woman is.

  But you will regret it sooner or later, you never know what you missed.


  After the game, Ruan Yan was driving back when she received a call from Ji Ziyuan with an order, “Stop at the corner ahead, I have something to tell you.”

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