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Let me go mr. hill chapter 2629

Let me go mr. hill chapter 2629

Chapter 2629

  She was stunned, the people Song Qingrui brought this time are really good.

  ”This is my friend Ruan Yan.” Lin Fanyue immediately embraced Ruan Yan.

  ”Miss Ruan, hello.” Zhou Mingli politely extended his hand.

  Ruan Yan also shook hands with him.

  Eyes meet, calm and unwavering.

  Ji Ziyuan watched coldly. Everyone was an adult. He knew exactly what Song Qingrui and Lin Fanyue were thinking.

  But can Zhou Mingli like Ruan Yan?

  It’s just another play.

  ”I just want to take a break, Mr. Zhou, why don’t you take me to play for a while, and I’ll chat with Qingrui.” Lin Fanyue handed the racket to Zhou Mingli, “How is Mr. Zhou’s skills.”

  ”It’s okay.”

  Zhou Mingli Standing on the other side, Ruan Yan sent a ball over.

  Two people come and go, and one ball can play dozens of rounds.

  Sometimes Ruan Yan hits some tricky balls, and Zhou Mingli can catch them.   Lin Fanyue looked at her

  with emotion, “Your friend, are you good at technology?” “I’m not inferior to him, I’ll try it later.” Song Qingrui took her by the shoulders and said in her ear,

“You’ve been staring at people all the time.”

  ”Aren’t you jealous?” Lin Fanyue giggled, “Your friend is really good looking and looks decent, he has a girlfriend Don’t worry about it.”

  ”No bad habits.” Song Qingrui threw out five words.

  Lin Fanyue was very satisfied, she glanced at Ji Ziyuan beside her, and said in a meaningful way, “That’s good, it doesn’t matter whether you can fall in love or not, it’s okay to be friends, don’t be like some people, pretending to be superior, It seems that I feel that I have some money, some power, and some great power, and I don’t understand how to respect people.”

Ji Ziyuan said lightly, “Miss Lin, be reasonable. When you first came to the capital, I never disrespected you.”

  ”Because we have no conflict of interest.” Lin Fanyue said decisively, “You don’t. Look at me, if you look at me, you will definitely think that I come from a small place like me, suitable for play, but definitely not worthy of your Ji Shao.”

  ”You misunderstand me a lot.” Ji Ziyuan frowned. move.

  ”It’s not a misunderstanding.” Lin Fanyue raised her chin, “I also know very well, if it wasn’t for our Lin’s business getting bigger and bigger, and it wasn’t for me and Qingrui dating, Ji Shao, you may not be equal to here. I’m chatting.”

  ”You’re making me think too complicated.”

  Ji Ziyuan hooked the corners of his lips, and there was a faint smile on his handsome face that would make any woman blush.

  This man, when he didn’t know his true face, would only think that he was a graceful and gentle man.

  ”Ji Shao, I’m tired from fighting, you can fight.” Jiang Qingxin suddenly came over.

  Ji Ziyuan took the racket.

  Huo Xu immediately followed, hugging his wife, “I’ll take a rest too, whoever of you will come.”

  ”I’ll come.” Song Qingrui dared to let Lin Fanyue come on, and quickly replaced Huo Xu.

  When he and Ji Ziyuan walked to the court together, they smiled gently, “Fanyue is more impulsive, so don’t have the same knowledge as her.”

  ”No.” Ji Ziyuan spit out two words with thin lips.

  ”But…” Song Qingrui suddenly smiled meaningfully, “Mr. Ji, sometimes you think people are not good, maybe it’s not the other party’s problem, but you really don’t look down on people.”

  Ji Ziyuan The deep eyes flashed slightly.

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