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Let me go mr. hill chapter 2609

Chapter 2609

  Du Xuan was stunned, “Cancel the contract?”

  ”Otherwise.” Ji Ziyuan said coldly, “She has a bad reputation, and she is not as good as the newcomer at the bottom of the company, so what are you doing with it?”

  ”… This, this is too cruel.”

  Du Xuan gasped, he thought that Ji Ziyuan was very cruel to Ruan Yan, but he didn’t expect it to be so cruel, he had slept after all.

  ”She brought it up herself.” Ji Ziyuan disagreed, “It’s fine to terminate the contract, so as not to have to spend money and resources to force her to come back, and besides, those people in the company who favor high and low, especially Tang Qin, stay Tang Qin. I don’t know what will happen.”

  ”That’s true…” Du Xuan agreed, “Tang Qin can really do such a thing, you don’t know, when Ruan Yan went out this morning, The address of her apartment was leaked, and a group of black fans got in, blocked her car, and smashed her car. Fortunately, the police arrived in time and nothing happened. The police station investigated just now, and those black fans should be someone They deliberately instructed, but those people refused to admit it.”

  Ji Ziyuan was startled and frowned, but Ruan Yan didn’t even listen to her when she came over, “Do you suspect Tang Qin did it?”

  ”I’m not too sure about this. Clear,” Du Xuan coughed lightly, Mrs. Ji was so protective of Tang Qin, he couldn’t say anything, after all, he was only a part-time worker.

  ”Okay, I understand.” Ji Ziyuan pressed his eyebrows, his disgust for Tang Qin became more and more profound, “Go and arrange the termination of the contract.”


  Not long after Ruan Yan left Ji’s family, she Received a call from Du Xuan and asked her to go to the company.

  Half an hour later, she appeared in Fanyu Pictures.

  As soon as she entered the door, a group of passing employees pointed and talked about her behind her.

  ”I’m afraid that Fanyu will change in the future, and the identity of the first sister will probably change.”

  ”I heard that Sister Hong has been arranged by the company to take Liang Bingchen, and I won’t care about her in the future.”

 ”Please, Sister Hong is one of the best agents in the company. Of course, it’s impossible to waste time on a bad actor.”

  ”Hey, didn’t she also work with President Ji, and the difference in treatment from Tang Qin is too big. Well.”

  ”Can that be compared to Tang Qin, and Tang Qin has only been with President Ji, unlike her, who has also been with other men and has had abortions for other men.”

  ”… “

  Although Ruan Yan was used to being talked about by others, the more and more those people said, the more outrageous they were, and they also said that she had had a miscarriage. Ruan Yan frowned and was about to turn back when Tang Qin’s scolding suddenly came from behind.

  ”You people, if you don’t work hard, what are you talking about?” Tang Qin looked at Ruan Yan angrily, and smiled, “Where is it your turn to talk about the miscarriage of such a refined beauty like Ruan Yan? .”

  When those employees saw Tang Qin, they immediately shivered with fright, and said respectfully, “I’m sorry, Miss Tang, we will never talk about

  it again.” She waved her hand, unknowingly thinking that the company belonged to her.

  Ruan Yan didn’t bother her and watched her perform quietly.

  ”Oh, Ruan Yan, I’m sorry, you see, what they said is your right and wrong, and they should apologize to you, but… Who made you so insignificant in the company.” Tang Qin smiled. When he approached, let alone how proud he was, “So, this person can’t go downhill. Look, when the downturn is low, several employees dare to slap your face.”

  ”It depends on who it is, some Aren’t people the best at holding high and stepping down?” Ruan Yan glanced coldly at the bodyguards and assistants behind Tang Qin.

  It was the first time she saw someone enter the company with bodyguards. The company rules, usually the bodyguards stay at the door.

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