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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 999

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 999

Wesley lowered his head and gently took a sip of tea, hiding the dark glint in his eyes.

When he looked up again, his eyes were soft and distressed. “Cathy, let me ask you. Did you voluntarily have sex with him?”

“Of course not.” Catherine immediately denied it.

“Then that’s that.” Wesley gently held her hand. “Cathy, I read something before. If your wife gets kidnapped by gangsters, as a man, do you want

your wife to resist with her life or obey to save her life? If it were me, I would choose the latter.

Nothing is more important to me than my wife’s safety and life.”

“Wesley…” Catherine’s heart trembled, and her eyes could not help but become red.

“I’m not the type to get hung up about a woman’s first time. I already knew it when I chose to marry you.” Wesley continued, “The day of the wedding, you were taken away by Shaun. Why would I blame you? I can only blame myself for being a powerless husband. I didn’t even dare to call the police for the

sake of my family’s safety. In fact, I’ve been uneasy these days because I’m afraid that you’ll despise m y incompetence after coming back.”

“No.” Catherine shook her head. “I can understand you. If it were me, I would probably do the same. It’s Shaun who’s too despicable.”

“Yes, he’s despicable and forced you. He thought that even if I saved you, I’d definitely despise you, but he underestimated me. My love for you trumps over everything else. I could accept your children back then, and this time, just getting you back is enough for me.”

Pain welled up in Wesley’s eyes. “Cathy, why is it so hard for us to be together? After so many twists and turns, I waited and waited before finally getting you to agree to marry me. But you got involved in another incident. If you really feel guilty, then make it up to me in the future.”

Catherine’s heart was moved the more she listened.

On the way back earlier, she had decided to separate from Wesley, but after hearing his words, she was shaken again.

Wesley had such deep feelings for her that if she left him, it would hurt him. At the same time, Shaun’s plans would succeed.

“Stop thinking about it.” Wesley hugged her gently. “I won’t sleep here tonight. You just came back, so maybe your mind is in a mess now. Rest well these few days and handle Hudson Corporation’s affairs. I’ll pick you up in two days and then we’ll go back to our villa.”


Catherine eventually nodded. She breathed a sigh of relief that Wesley would be leaving tonight. She was grateful for his kindness and understanding in not forcing her.

To be honest, she had just slept with Shaun the day before yesterday. If she slept with Wesley tonight, even if it was just lying on the same bed, she would feel very awkward and uncomfortable.

After his car left the Yule family’s villa…

Wesley’s warm and elegant expression was gradually replaced by gloomy indifference.

Catherine wanted to divorce him. Hah, how could he easily agree?

Besides, he did not believe that she had not been willing. When Shaun sent the video, her voice sounded so charming. It did not sound as if she was unwilling at all.

He would slowly pay her back for this shame.

After returning to the villa, Regina Trent, who was wearing a rose-colored nightdress, seductively wrapped her arms around him. “President Lyons, I thought you wouldn’t come back anymore.”

“Where would I go if I don’ t come back? ” Wesley glanced at the woman’s charming and enchanting figure. Although she did not have Catherine’s temperament, at least this woman was obedient to him and tried every possible way to please him. It gave him great satisfaction.

“Miss Jones is back…” Regina leaned on his shoulder and caressed his chest coquettishly. “I was worried that you would accompany her. After all, she’s your wife in name, but…”

“But what?” Wesley narrowed his eyes.

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