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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 997

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 997

Catherine felt like her brain had just exploded.

After leaving the island, she had received too much shocking news.

Although Old Master Hill was old, she had met him before and knew he was in good health.

As for Willie, although he had targeted her in Melbourne, she got over that grudge when she stripped his clothes in the toilet.

He even helped her when she went to Hill Manor for the first time after arriving in Canberra. She did not expect him to be mentally retarded now.

“Didn’t the Hill family report it to the police?” She could not help but ask.

“What are they supposed to report? The Campos family insisted that Willie tried to molest Ivan Campos’ wife and Ivan brought him to the villa. By the time Shaun arrived, it was already too late. Ivan threw a stack of money at him saying that it was for the medical expenses. Even if Shaun went to the police, the Campos family would just have to pay compensation.

“To the Campos and Hill families, the last thing they care about is money. Moreover, Wesley reported that Shaun kidnapped you, so Shaun was helpless as well as he was brought to the police station. It was Chester and Rodney who found a way to bail him out.”

Catherine took a long time to digest the words before finally sighing. “The Campos family is too ruthless. No matter what, without the strong support of the Hill family back then, the Campos family wouldn’t be where it is today.”

“It’s human nature to be greedy. Mason Campos was the one who did too good of a job hiding. After revealing his true colors, the first thing he did was abandon his wife who no longer had any value to him. He thinks nothing of people now.” Freya sighed.

“Although I hate Shaun and I’m happy that he has become like this, I think that people should do things properly. It’s really dishonorable to backstab and trick people.

“I think so too.”

Catherine felt the same way.

After the call, she hurriedly called Liam.

The phone rang for a long time before an unfamiliar man’s voice sounded. “Hello, are you a friend of the owner of this phone?”

Catherine was stunned and responded, “Yeah”.

The person said, “Your friend has drunk too much at our bar. Can you come and pick him up?”

“Okay, tell me the address. I’ll be right there.”

Catherine hung up the phone and hurriedly changed her clothes before going downstairs.

“Cathy, I was just about to go upstairs to call you down for dinner, ” Wesley said with a smile.

Catherine hesitated for a moment but decided to tell the truth. “Wesley, I called Liam earlier but the bar staff answered and said that he’s drunk too much…”

“Are you going to pick him up? I’ll go with you,” Wesley immediately said. “If he has drunk too much, then a woman like you won’t be able to carry him alone.”


Catherine originally thought that he would be a little upset. After all, Liam was a member of the Hill family, but after seeing his calm face, her heart was relieved.

Unexpectedly, Joel was unhappy about this. “ Although Liam helped you before, I can’t understand that person now. Cathy, I suggest you keep a distance from those people. Mason is a ruthless man, and Liam is his son. He’s definitely not a simple person.”

“Okay, but I’ll send him back first. After all, I owe him.”

Catherine answered vaguely and hurried to the bar with Wesley.

When they got there, Liam was already a drunken mess. There were many empty beer bottles on the table. He was holding a bottle and pouring it down his throat. “Liam, stop drinking. I’ll send you home.” Catherine took away his beer bottle.

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