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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 996

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 996

“You’re not… pregnant with Shaun’s child again, right?” Freya suddenly asked nervously.

“No.” Catherine was exasperated. She took the phone and walked out to the balcony.

“Oh, then did you sleep with Shaun?” Freya continued to gossip.

Catherine felt upset and gritted her teeth. “Are you done? Can you ask about something else?”

“I’ve always been more interested in these kinds of things. They’re more exciting.” Freya chuckled.

“Bullsh*t.” Catherine could not hold back. “My conscience has been tortured day and night for the past month, okay?”

“Don’t think like that. You were forced by him.” Freya comforted her. “You didn’t mean to have an extramarital affair.”

“Shut up.”

The words ‘extramarital affair’ triggered

Catherine’s heart.

“Well…” Freya changed the subject. “Anyway, Shaun Hill won’t be able to do anything to you in the future.”

Catherine pursed her lips and asked with a complicated feeling, “Is Hill Corporation’s predicament now really that serious?”

“Yeah, but I heard from Rodney that Shaun intends to compensate those partners. In fact, he has to pay them. Those companies are all global enterprises and have plenty of money to engage in lawsuits.

“Once he pays them, Hill Corporation won’t have much money left. Sigh, to be honest, Shaun got really unlucky this time. But there’s nothing he can do. It was Liam who betrayed Hill Corporation.”

“Liam betrayed Hill Corporation?” Catherine could not digest this.

“Don’t you know yet?” Freya said, “I heard this gossip from Osher’s senior management.

Apparently, Landell stole the data of Hill Corporation’s Purdue Microchip. It’s exactly the same. “An insider sneaked into Hill Corporation’s lab and deleted all the data so that they would have no grounds to sue Landell for plagiarism.

“Landell handed over all the rights to use the chip in Australia to the Campos family. The Campos family’s status has risen and they’ve become the number one family in the country. To put it bluntly, the Campos family and Landell teamed up against Hill Corporation.”

Catherine was shocked. “The Campos family is too despicable. Competition in the market is normal, but they can’ t plagiarize to achieve their goal. By the way, what does this have to do with Liam?”

“Liam’s father, Mason Campos, is the largest shareholder of Campos Corporation. Mason is now the chairman of Campos Corporation. Mason also publicly announced that Liam Hill’s name will be officially changed to Liam Campos.”

Freya clicked her tongue. “It’s obvious. With Campos Corporation coming to power, the one who will gain the most out of it is Liam. In the future, the assets in Mason’s hands will be his son’s. It’s also said that the Hill family called the police and sent Liam to the station the day before yesterday, but Mason immediately released him on bail. Who else do you think could have done it besides Liam?”

Catherine’s head buzzed as she listened. Liam was her friend and someone who had saved her before. He was also Suzie’s ‘father’.

“I don’t believe that he’s such a person,” Catherine said in a low voice, “Since Liam saved me back then, it shows that he has a conscience. He’s not someone who would cut ties with his family for power and status.”

“I’m afraid you’re the only one who would say that now.” Freya sighed. “Others think differently. Liam has a motive. He’s been suppressed by Shaun all these years and the Hill family doesn’t value him. Shaun even beat him in public a few months ago. When the incident spread throughout the whole city, everyone laughed at him.

“Liam is a man, so he definitely would feel resentful. Furthermore, a few days before the incident, I heard that Liam, Mason, and Maurice met up at a coffeehouse to conspire together.”

“I’ll call Liam and ask. I miss Suzie anyway.”
Catherine became more uneasy the more she listened.

Freya said, “Go ahead. Many people in the Hill family have gotten involved in one incident or another recently. I also wonder if there’s anyone taking care of Suzie right now.”

“What happened?”

“Old Master Hill got a stroke from anger and is paralyzed; Willie got beaten up by the Campos family and is now mentally retarded.”

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