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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 994

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 994

Catherine felt that it was strange. Shaun was defeated too suddenly. It was as if someone was deliberately targeting Hill Corporation.

“Then… I guess the Hill family is no longer the top family in the country?” She could not help but ask i n a low voice.

“Yes. Now, Hill Corporation’s market value is even lower than my company’s.”

Wesley said, “There’s no telling what will happen tomorrow. If Shaun doesn’t compensate those companies, Hill Corporation’s reputation will hit rock bottom and no company will dare to cooperate with them in the future.

“If he pays, Hill Corporation may become a company on their last legs. They can forget about coming up with the money to invest in labs to develop microchips in the future. If no new chips are launched, Hill Corporation will be eliminated from this market.”

Catherine understood.

In short, Shaun had met a dead end this time.

The number one family in the country was going to disappear.

“Cathy, Shaun will no longer be able to threaten us in the future.” Wesley suddenly reached out and held her tightly in his arms. “I’ll never let him off for stealing my wife away.”

Catherine looked up and saw the hatred in his eyes. She was shocked. “Wesley…”

“Cathy, don’ t you want to take revenge?” Wesley bowed his head and looked at her with a complicated gaze. “As a man, my wife was taken away in public during our wedding. Should I pretend that nothing happened? Besides, you were locked up on that island and must have suffered a lot. It’s time to settle the scores.”

Catherine’s eyelashes drooped. It was normal for Wesley to have those thoughts. Any man would hate such a thing.

Even yesterday, she had hated Shaun incomparably. She even cursed for him to lose everything.

However, now that such a day had actually arrived, she did not feel happy at all.

It was as if… she actually… did not want to get revenge on Shaun. How could that be?

Could it be that she had gotten numb after being tormented by Shaun and developed masochistic tendencies?

Catherine shivered as she felt bad.

“Wesley, what are you going to do?” she murmured. “Of course, I’m going to accuse him of kidnapping, ” Wesley said in a low voice, “You’re the person he kidnapped. As long as you tell the police that he locked you up, restricted your personal freedom, and… harmed you, he’ll be sentenced.”


Catherine was horrified, and her face grew hot due t o embarrassment.

After a long time, her voice was squeezed out of her throat. “Wesley, what… do you mean by that?”

Wesley’s dark pupils flashed with a trace of pain, but he smiled bitterly a moment later. “Cathy, we’re all adults. Frankly speaking, I don’t believe that Shaun didn’t touch you after he took you away. But you’re my wife. As long as you didn’t consent to it, his behavior is a crime.”

Catherine could not lift her head out of embarrassment.

After half a minute of silence, she withdrew her hand from his and left his embrace. She walked to the window. She needed some time to digest this matter.

“Cathy, since I came to find you, I won’t be hung up about all that.”

Wesley said with deep affection behind her, “I know you were forced. I was useless. If I had come earlier, you wouldn’t have encountered all this. But you have to admit that Shaun is crazy. He should get the punishment he deserves for the evil deeds he committed.”

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