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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 991

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 991

At the police station.

6:00 a.m.
Chester came over with his lawyer and met both Joel and Wesley in the lobby.

When Joel saw him, he said with a heavy expression, “Chester, I know you’re here to bail Shaun out, but I’m reminding you, it won’t be easy to get him out. You’d better advise him and tell us where he’s hiding Cathy.”

“I’ll try my best, Uncle Joel.” Chester rubbed his eyebrows and glanced at Wesley.

He had never crossed paths with Wesley before, but he had read about him in magazines.

Golden Corporation rose rapidly in recent years and became the leading pharmaceutical group all thanks to Wesley’s efforts.
He was gentle and elegant when he was interviewed, but currently, he was dressed in a black suit. His elegant features were covered with a layer of cold rage in the cool light.

Chester had a feeling that Wesley was not a simple man.

However, a moment later, Chester looked away and walked inside.

Five minutes later, Shaun was brought to the interrogation room. Chester sat opposite him.

Their eyes met, and Chester sighed when he saw Shaun’s bloodshot eyes. “Shaun, do you know how much effort I spent before I could meet you here?”

“Is the Campos family exerting pressure from above?” Shaun asked in a gloomy voice.

“Yeah, the Campos family has become the number one family in the country, and even I don’t dare to go head-to-head against them anymore. I had to rely on the connections of the Snow family to be able to meet you.”

Chester’s tone was very solemn. “If you don’t cooperate with me, I can’t bail you out.”

“Does cooperating with you mean that I have to reveal Catherine’s location?” Shaun laughed bitterly.

“You took away Catherine in front of everyone’s eyes. Wesley, Joel, and the top management of Hudson Corporation haven’t been able to contact

her.” Chester sighed again. “Your action can be regarded as kidnapping. They didn’t call the police before, but the Hill family now has both internal and external problems. Now that Wesley and Joel have joined forces, they aren’t afraid of you at all.”

Shaun pursed his thin lips. He had already anticipated as much when he was on the island.

That was why he had kissed her before leaving. He was afraid that he would never be able to kiss her again.

“Shaun, just spit it out. Catherine has been missing for a month. You can’t hide her for life. You’ll be harming her that way. Also… you stayed with Catherine for a month after she got married. Do you think that her relationship with Wesley can return to the same as before?”

Chester shook his head. “We’re all men. This will be a thorn in Wesley’s heart. Even if he doesn’t say anything, the people on the internet will laugh at him.”

Shaun’s gaze softened slightly, and Chester immediately took the chance to strike. “You have to think about Hill Corporation as well. Hill Corporation is in a mess now. Your grandfather is paralyzed, Liam was driven out of the company, Willie became a fool, and your mom is divorcing

Mason Campos. Is everyone supposed to count on Valerie and Spencer? You should know how capable they are.”

“…Fine, I’ll talk.”

Shaun closed his eyes and clenched his fists. He finally spoke with difficulty.

Chester sighed with relief. “It’s good that you understand. As long as Catherine is alive, you can get her back, but you need to keep Hill Corporation going. Otherwise… you won’t be able to fight with Wesley.”

Shaun’s handsome face appeared to be at a loss.

He had always thought he was smart and everything was in his power.

In the incident this time with the chip, success was clearly just around the corner. However, it suddenly became the fuse that destroyed everything.

He also did not know what went wrong. Was it Liam?

Should he not have been merciful toward Liam back then? Should he have gotten rid of Campos Corporation by any means possible as soon as he learned that Mason was not a simple person?

On the island.
Shaun had been away for a day.

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