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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 985

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 985

Spencer was shocked when he heard that. “What happened to Willie?”

Yvette cried as she said, “He went to the bar to have fun at night and met Ivan Campos’ wife. He got drunk and tried to molest her. As a result, he was taken away by Ivan.”

Spencer stumbled a few steps backward. Willie was his only son.

Valerie scolded, “ Second Brother, how exactly did you educate your son? A serious issue has occurred i n the Hill family, yet Willie was in the bar

molesting another person’s wife?”

Spencer was at a loss. “This is impossible. It’s true that Willie was silly before and did many bad things. However, after returning from Melbourne three years ago, he has changed a lot. He even had a proper girlfriend some time ago.”

“It’s the Campos family, ” Yvette said chokingly, “It must be the Campos family’s trap. Otherwise, how could Willie have met Ivan’s wife so coincidentally?”

Her words reminded everybody in the Hill family. Ivan was Charlie’s cousin.

“Does the Campos family have a grudge with us?” Spencer was infuriated. “Not only did they steal the data of Hill Corporation’s microchip, but they even want to harm my son now. This isn’t just being ungrateful, they’re literally a bunch of animals.”

“ Stop yelling! Saving Willie is the priority now. ” Yvette was choked with tears. “Willie was drenched in blood from getting hit. He’s heavily wounded. I’m worried he won’t be able to hold on if we delay too long. Shaun, I’m begging you. Quickly ask the members of Liona to check where Willie was brought to.”

“Aunty Yvette, don’t worry. I’ll have someone find out now.”

Shaun’s head was about to explode. The company’s problems had not been solved yet and Old Master Hill might become paralyzed. Old Master Hill had not come out from the emergency room yet, but something had happened to Willie. 1

Things were happening one after another as though there was an invisible power targeting the Hill family behind the scenes.

Shaun was exhausted. However, he knew that only he alone could support the Hill family at that moment.

Soon, the members of Liona found out that Willie had been brought to Ivan’s villa.

Shaun brought some men and rushed over. When they arrived at the villa, Willie was already lying unconscious on the ground. His whole head and face were covered in blood.

“I’m sorry, Eldest Young Master Hill. You came too late.”

Ivan smiled ambiguously as he took out a pile of cash and threw it on Willie’s body. “Hey, this is for the medical fees. I didn’t want to compensate you a t first, but I’m a person who abides by the laws. I know that I have to compensate for beating a person up. 200,000 dollars should be enough to treat him.”

“ Ivan, how dare you speak to Eldest Young Master Hill this way? You must have a death wish.” Chance grabbed Ivan with a cold expression.

However, a large group of people quickly came in from the outside and surrounded Shaun, Chance, and the rest.

“Eldest Young Master Hill, you can’t hit my cousin.”

Charlie walked in from the outside. He had a smug expression as he said, “ It was Willie who molested my sister-in-law first. Besides, didn’t Willie sully many good women before in Canberra? He deserves it even if this issue gets out.”

“Willie turned over a new leaf long ago. You must’ve been the ones who set him up. ” Shaun’s expression was utterly dark.

In the past, Charlie was nothing but a clown to Shaun. Ivan was even someone Shaun would not give a proper glance. Now, these people were starting to bully the people of the Hill family.

“You’re saying we set him up but do you have evidence?”

Charlie said as he smiled, “Everyone knows that you, the people of the Hill family, have a bad habit of molesting women. Aren’t you like that as well, Young Master Hill? You forcefully snatched away another person’s wife. Tsk, is another person’s wife better? This is indeed a bad habit.”

“Catherine has always been my woman.”

Shaun’s towering figure walked toward Charlie step by step. His dark eyes were filled with gloominess. A t the same time, an invisible, fierce aura enveloped him.

Some people were born with nobility. Charlie was not equipped with that kind of aura.

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